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fall prevention tips

Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

An unexpected fall was usually something you could bounce back from when you were younger. However, for seniors, a fall can cause serious harm and may immediately affect their ability to live independently. That’s why fall prevention is an essential part of effective senior care.

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Elderly safety tips - reopening during Coronovirus

6 Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers During COVID-19 Reopening

Communities across the country are beginning to reopen after the initial surge of COVID-19, and many people are welcoming the opportunity to dine at a restaurant, get a haircut, or visit with family. However, due to their increased risk of coronavirus-related complications, some seniors — as well as their family caregivers — may be understandably concerned about resuming activities in public. Learn six safety tips seniors and caregivers can keep in mind during reopening.

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Seniors and the new normal during the coronavirus

Help Seniors Return to a “New Normal” During COVID-19

As communities begin to reopen during the coronavirus, precautions such as wearing masks, social distancing, limiting trips to the store, increased use of technology, and new check-in procedures at the doctor’s office could prove to be upsetting to your older loved one — especially if he or she is living with dementia, memory impairment, or Alzheimer’s disease. Here are a few suggestions for how you can help your older loved one adjust to a “new normal” during COVID-19.

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Driving resources for seniors who can

Transportation Resources Keeping Non-Driving Seniors on the Road

While they often decide to stop driving because of declining visual, physical, and cognitive conditions, seniors can feel a loss of control over their lives. They view their vehicles as a lifeline – a necessary link – to the outside world. The decision can also affect family members who struggle to provide rides for their senior loved ones. While taking away a senior’s car keys can be a huge dilemma, it doesn’t mean your loved one has to be confined at home or give up the trips they love and need.

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End of life conversations with your senior loved one

Having the End of Life Conversation with Your Senior and Family

You want the best for your aging parents through every stage of their lives. While they currently may be healthy and able to make decisions on their own, an end-of-life conversation is important to determine how they wish to live their final days. However, talking about death is stressful, uncomfortable, and often complicated for older adults and their families. Learn tips to guide you in a meaningful end-of-life conversation with your aging loved ones and family.

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Woman facing backwards look into the distance. The woman on the right, in white, has her arm around the shoulders of the woman on the left, in blue.

How to Plan for End of Life Care

According to several studies, roughly 70% of Americans say they hope to reach the end of life in the comfort of home, surrounded by their loved ones. But in reality, more than two-thirds die in hospitals or care facilities. One reason is that only a few of us actually create an end of life care plan.

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