Senior couple displays their carved pumpkin outside during Halloween.

Keeping Seniors Safe on Halloween — Home Care Helpers & Other Tips

Halloween isn’t nearly as it spooky as it used to be. Instead of expecting visits from goblins and ghosts, we now stay up waiting for pint-sized superheroes and movie princesses. But for senior citizens, Halloween can still be a little bit scary. As any home care worker can tell you, many seniors worry about keeping safe on Halloween. After all, it’s a night where masked strangers keep knocking on your door and when vandals come out to make mischief. That’s enough to make anyone uneasy.

That’s why many Visiting Angels home care agencies will be participating in our Halloween Helpers program this October. Seniors worried about keeping safe on Halloween can hire a Halloween Helper for the night to keep them company and ensure they aren’t at home alone.

We want to help you keep safe this Halloween. So our home care specialists have put together this list of tips for keeping seniors safe on Halloween night…

Keep Your Lights On

Our home care safety experts suggest that you leave your lights on through the night — even if you’re not giving out candy. Sure, you might get some children knocking on your door and walking away disappointed. But you’ll also deter potential vandals. Keeping your light on lets mischief-makers know you’re home, making them less likely to target your house.

Keep Trick-or-Treaters Outside

Sometimes it can be tempting to invite trick-or-treaters into your home — but that’s an easy way to invite safety concerns in with them. Instead, keep trick-or-treaters on your porch or front step. Just as important, keep yourself inside your home at all times.

Coordinate with the Neighbors

No one has your back better than a good neighbor. So before Halloween, get together with neighbors and coordinate. If one of your neighbors won’t be at home on Halloween night, make sure that their home is looked out for. If you’re concerned about your safety, consider asking a neighbor to periodically check on your home or even spend the evening with you.

Use a Sign for Trick-or-Treaters

If you aren’t handing out candy or have finished for the night, post a sign on your door letting trick-or-treaters know you won’t be answering their knock.

Be Smart About Decorations

Halloween decorations can contribute to safety concerns. For instance, Jack-O-Lanterns can be a fire hazard if they’re in an area where they can easily be tripped over. In general, you should make sure that tripping hazards are minimal and that all areas are well-lit. Window decorations can also be a problem if they impede visibility, so make sure that your decorations don’t prevent you from seeing who’s on your lawn or at your door.

Get a Halloween Helper

A Visiting Angels Halloween Helper can take the spookiness out of Halloween. Participating agencies allow seniors to hire a home care worker for the night of Halloween to make sure someone is there, at their side, keeping them safe. Your Halloween Helper can provide companionship, help you hand out candy, and can even help you get dressed up.

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