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Promoting Safer In-Home Care for Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Falls FreeAt the Visiting Angels offices, September 22nd is circled on our calendar. Why? It’s not because it’s the first day of fall. Instead, it’s because of Falls Prevention Awareness Day.

Within the in-home care community, Falls Prevention Awareness Day is an important date. As any in-home care expert can tell you, falls represent one of the biggest dangers to American seniors. Data shows that more than 30% of American seniors suffer a fall every year. In fact, every 13 seconds an American senior receives hospital attention for a fall they suffered. Because seniors’ bodies are more fragile than those of younger individuals these injuries are often serious, or even life-threatening.

With Falls Prevention Awareness Day, the senior health and in-home care communities seek to reduce the number of seniors who suffer from falls every year. And believe it or not, preventing falls may be easier than you think…

Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

If you help care for an elderly loved one, you should be aware of how best to reduce the chance of falls. At Visiting Angels, our in-home care professionals echo the recommendations of the National Council on Aging. The NCOA outlines six specific tips you should follow to help your loved one avoid falls:

  1. Encourage your loved one to enroll in a light exercise program that builds strength and balance.
  2. Have your loved one speak with their doctor to get a better sense of how at-risk they are of falling.
  3. Make sure that your loved one is reviewing their medications regularly with their doctor/pharmacist to ensure that side effects won’t unnecessarily increase their risk of falling.
  4. Get your loved one’s hearing and vision checked regularly.
  5. Improve safety in the home by removing hazards that could lead to tripping or slipping.
  6. Educate other members of your family and spread the word about how to prevent falls.

Improve Safety Through In-Home Care

In-home care itself can also help promote safety in the home. A qualified in-home care provider can provide a watchful eye and a helping hand to seniors with mobility issues, weakness, or poor balance. In-home care providers also help seniors keep their medications in order—reducing the chance of unwanted side effects. Because of their experience, in-home care professionals often spot fall hazards that others often miss.

Your local Visiting Angels in-home care agency can help you create a safer home for your loved one. Call us today to connect with your local office.

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