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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Care

Last updated on May 06, 2022

Seniors and their loved ones typically make New Year’s resolutions as the holiday season draws to a close. While eating healthier, exercising more, or taking up a new hobby are common themes, families with older loved ones should consider setting goals for senior care during the coming year.

What are the Benefits of Senior Care Resolutions?

Senior care resolutions establish goals and priorities that reflect what is most important to an older loved one. Family members and caregivers can work on ideas to ensure everyone is communicating, on the same page, and working toward the same goals.

Making resolutions can also provide seniors with a sense of purpose and clarity. Having a plan to achieve specific goals can also reduce some of the stress and uncertainty related to aging and caring for an older adult.

What are Examples of Senior Care Resolutions?

Here are six examples of senior care resolutions that you can use to guide discussions with your older loved one, family members, and caregivers:

  1. Plan for senior care
    While your older loved one can live independently right now, the day may come when they require assistance with everyday activities. Learn about their wishes regarding elder care. Do they prefer in-home care or an assisted living facility? What financial or insurance resources are available to pay for their home care? What is most important to them as they age?

    After you understand their preferences, begin investigating senior care options. Setting up a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with a Visiting Angels representative can provide you and your senior with information about home care costs and needs.
  1. Organize medical and personal records
    Compiling an emergency medical file for a senior could save their life. Organize medical and insurance information and keep it in an easily accessible place. Family members and caregivers should have a copy of the file. You may wish to organize financial information, life insurance policies, wills, and related documents into a separate file.
  1. Downsize and declutter
    Many seniors may want to declutter their homes but find it difficult to relinquish a lifetime of belongings. Assist your loved one by sorting through their possessions. Proceed at their pace and allow them to have the final say on what to keep, sell, donate, and discard. The task may take time, but you may enjoy reliving happy family memories together. And, if you need extra help, a Visiting Angels caregiver can continue the project with your older loved one when you can’t be there.
  1. Stay in touch
    If you live far away or are too busy with a job and family of your own, it can be easy to lose touch with an elderly loved one. Commit to staying in touch by setting up a regular time for phone or video calls. If technology is a barrier, an in-home caregiver can assist with setting up video calls and other communication methods.
  1. Utilize technology
    Whether for safety, socialization, commerce, or convenience, a resolution to try technology can help improve your older adult’s quality of life. Voice-activated systems are examples of life-enhancing technology designed for older adults.

    But if your loved one is a little intimidated or unsure about using the latest gadget, having an in-home caregiver at their side can improve their confidence. A Visiting Angels caregiver can also monitor for online and phone scams to reduce the risk of your older adult becoming a victim of fraud.
  1. Ask for help
    When it comes to senior care, failing to ask for help can have disastrous consequences. For older adults, it can lead to self-neglect and accidents around the home. For family members, it can lead to caregiver burnout, anxiety, and resentment. If you are struggling to care for your senior — or if you notice that your senior is having difficulty caring for themselves or their spouse — then seek professional assistance from a Visiting Angels in-home caregiver.

Visiting Angels can provide your senior loved one with personal care and companionship and instill peace of mind for you and your family members during the new year and beyond. Contact us today!

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