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Eat Well! Stay Healthy!

Overeating during the holidays is one of the hardest things to avoid. No matter your age, the buffet calls your name with all those delicious treats. What can you do to stay healthy this holiday season?

At Visiting Angels, we understand how difficult it can be to make healthy choices at holiday parties. Not only are the tables full of yummy treats, but you are distracted by all the wonderful company! Sometimes it seems like the food just jumps up on your plate and you don’t even know how it got there!

Our senior home care aides can help you make healthy choices throughout the holiday season and all year round. With our senior home care aids helping with meal planning and preparation, you can bring some amazing, and healthy dishes, to your next holiday pot luck.

Let’s look at some ways you can make healthy choices this holiday season.

  • Snacks Before are OK!Have a little snack before the main event. Some veggies, fruit, or yogurt are a great way to get a healthy snack in before you hit the big party and all the unhealthy choices. You won’t be as hungry and can eat less.

  • A Little Goes A Long Way.
    You don’t have to sample everything on the buffet. Try not to overload your plate and only take those things you truly love. Savior those holiday treats by eating slowly and you’ll consume less.

  • Keep the Drinks Healthy Too
    Alcohol and sugary drinks add calories. Try to avoid them.

  • Bring Something Healthy
    When you need to bring a dish, bring a healthy alternative. A veggie or fruit tray is a great contribution. Our senior home care aids can help you make a creative and healthy dish to pass.

  • Keep Moving
    Try to stay active this holiday season. Our senior home care aids can help you get in a walk around the block or get you to the mall to walk safely indoors. The more active you are the better you’ll feel.

The holidays are a happy time. Enjoy them to the fullest. Stay safe and healthy. We’ll be by your side.

Happy Thanksgiving from Visiting Angels!

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