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Two older adults communicate while wearing masks during COVID-19

Strategies to Help Seniors with Hearing Loss During COVID-19

Individuals around the globe are donning masks and keeping safe distances to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but older adults with hearing limitations are struggling to understand and communicate effectively with family, friends and others. Use simple strategies to better communicate with those with hearing impairments – even through a mask.

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A woman with an elderly friend talking while social distancing during COVID-19

When Seniors Want to Social Distance — and Others Don’t

After months of following public health recommendations to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, some people are becoming less vigilant about social distancing. This “quarantine fatigue” presents a problem for older adults who want to social distance because they’re at a higher risk of developing complications from COVID-19. Here are a few suggestions to help when your senior loved ones want to social distance and others refuse.

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Elderspeak is a modified speech pattern that can be demoralizing to older adults

Elderspeak: What It Is and Why It Can Be Harmful

“Elderspeak” is a unique pattern of speech – similar to baby talk – that younger individuals often adopt when speaking to the elderly. The tone of elderspeak can seem condescending, express unwanted pity, and potentially foster resentment. Learn more about elderspeak and why it can be demoralizing for older adults.

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Exercise, diet and other wellness tips for seniors

7 Essential Elements of Senior Wellness

Maintaining or enhancing one’s health and wellness shouldn’t stop at a predetermined age. As we get older, we need to pursue a balanced mind and body. Seniors should not be afraid to live their best and most fulfilled life. With the assistance of family, friends, and professional in-home caregivers, seniors can successfully pursue the following seven elements of senior wellness.

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Understanding Mental Illness in Our Elderly

Seniors face many challenges as they age, from mobility limitations to memory loss. One issue that is often overlooked is mental illness among the elderly. Mental illness often occurs alongside other health conditions, so symptoms may be missed or attributed to other aspects of aging.

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Obesity in Our Elderly

In addition to age-related concerns, many seniors must also contend with existing conditions that impact their health and wellness. Obesity is prevalent among the elderly and has been linked to various health issues. It’s important to explore the effect of obesity on our elderly and how it impacts their quality of life.

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