Elderly man smiles while reading a journal to a Visiting Angels' care provider.

Surviving Winter with a Smile

When the wind is howling, the snow is blowing and it’s too cold to go outside, it can be really hard to stay positive. The gray winter skies can really bring you down and make you long for warm summer breezes. Preparing for and having a plan to get through the winter months is essential if you get the winter blues. Try these tips for getting through winter with a smile.

  • Eat Healthy. Eating healthy can help you avoid illness. While it can be more difficult to eat healthy in the winter when fresh fruits and vegetables are harder to come by, eating a variety of foods can help ensure you get the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.
  • Stay Active. Exercise and activity are two of the best ways to fight the winter blues. While exercising is more difficult when sidewalks are snow covered, you can still walk around your house, apartment building, at the mall, or health club. Any activity that keeps your body moving will help you feel better.
  • Stay Warm. Keep your thermostat set to at least 68 degrees to ensure you are warm enough. Dress in layers. When you head out, be sure to cover any exposed skin and use a scarf to protect your lungs.
  • Proper Home Heating. Be careful when heating your home to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Have your fireplace chimney and flue checked if you plan to start fires to stay warm. Open a window slightly to provide air circulation if you use a kerosene stove. Use space heaters with caution as they can be a fire hazard. Space heaters should always be placed more than 3 feet from any item that can burn.
  • Safety First. If you drive during the winter, have the battery, tires, oil and windshield wipers checked before the weather gets too bad. If you don’t like driving in the winter, ask a friend or family member for help. In home care agencies, like Visiting Angels, can also provide home aids who can drive you to errands and appointments as needed.
  • Stay Engaged. If you have trouble getting out during the winter months, consider hiring a senior home care provider to help you. Senior home care providers can help prepare meals, run errands or simply provide companionship throughout the day.

“Elderly companion care services are a life line for many seniors in the winter months and throughout the year,” says Larry Meigs, President and CEO of Visiting Angels. “Elderly companion care services provide the support many seniors need to live active, independent lives.”

Having a plan to beat cabin fever is sure to make this winter one of the most enjoyable yet.

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