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6 Ways to Care for an Aging Loved One With No Immediate Family Nearby

Worrying about aging parents is the reality for many adult children, whether their parents live alone or with a spouse whose health or memory is failing; however, it’s especially hard when you no longer live near your parent. You know Dad’s getting to an age where he can’t be entirely independent. What happens when you or your siblings are not around to drop in on him?

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Why the Sandwich Generation Isn’t Ready for the Caregiving Crunch

The sandwich generation is comprised of adult children who are caring for both a parent and children of their own. It is in an extremely challenging position. The caregiving crunch may affect this generation more than any other.

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Reduce Elderly Anxiety at Night

How Caregivers Can Help Reduce Elderly Anxiety at Night

Facing reality is tough. Your aging parent needs you more than ever. Maybe Mom gets confused and moody, especially in the evenings. Or, you’ve had to keep a watchful eye on Dad, because he is now prone to agitation and pacing at night.

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Mom & Dad Happy Staying at Home

Critical Advice for Mom and Dad to Age Gracefully in Their Home

Your parents are getting older and maybe you’re beginning to worry — and the worry weighs heavily on you. What’s your plan when they eventually require assistance? Assisted living and nursing homes are both costly, and further, many seniors – most likely,

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Home Care for Halloween? How Caregivers Get Seniors Involved in Fall Fun

As you look forward to Thanksgiving, Jewish holidays or other celebrations this fall, you may worry about how to involve your elderly loved one in the festivities. Professional home care can make a positive difference and alleviate those worries.

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Social Isolation May Transform Brain, Increase Stress

The good news is that by blocking this chemical, the adverse effects of isolation were eliminated. So let’s explore loneliness in seniors, and the steps that can be taken to prevent social isolation and the physical changes in the brain it causes.

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