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Cornonavirus Disease Preparedness for your Senior Loved One

At Visiting Angels, we, just like our clients have seen the news and have taken notice of what is going on around us. We are following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines with regards to the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic. Not only are we asking any caregivers with flu like symptoms to stay home and get tested but we are working tirelessly to make sure your family is receiving the best care and support.

At Visiting Angels, we are informing our caregivers to practice social distancing including washing their hands upon entering a client’s home, covering any cough or sneeze, and wiping down all hard surfaces in the homes to minimize the spread of germs.

For older adults, especially those with other long-term health problems, there is an extra level of precautions that should be taken. The CDC has action steps for those particularly at risk of getting COVID-19.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The CDC recommends older adults prepare ahead of time. Be sure to have plenty of over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies to treat flu like symptoms. You might even consider utilizing a drive-up window for prescription refills rather than going into a store. Avoid crowds and those who are sick as much as possible and keep enough household items and groceries on hand in case you’ll need to stay home. It might even be a good idea to ask others to go shopping for you or have your groceries delivered.


The CDC encourages people to have a plan in case someone does get sick or they know they could be exposed to COVID-19. Having a plan in place is not meant to scare you or cause anxiety, rather it is meant to ease stress because you’ll know what to do in a moment of uncertainty. You can start by creating a preparedness checklist. On your list it might include emergency contacts, information for your healthcare providers, and where to go for treatment and testing. A great thing you can do ahead of time is designate a specific room and bathroom in your home for a person to be quarantined if needed. The purpose of this is to minimize the spread of the illness to other members in the home.


Being prepared and having help is more valuable now than ever. With in-home, one-on-one care your loved one can remain in their private home rather than be in a public place where they may have potential of being exposed to more bacteria and diseases. If in-home care seems like the missing piece for your loved one’s preparedness plan contact Visiting Angels in Lewisburg today. We can provide the necessary care and support your family needs during stressful times. Our professional caregivers can clean and disinfect the home, run errands for you, and assist with personal care needs as well. Contact us today by calling (570)989-4247 or visit our website to view our services.

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