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Understanding the Stages of Memory Loss and When Your Loved One in Littleton, CO Will Need Dementia Care

Visiting Angels can help you understand the stages of memory loss and when it might need time to arrange professional dementia care services for your senior loved one in Littleton, CO

When your loved one in Littleton gets diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, your whole life changes. Although it may seem like it's too soon to research stages of the disease and search for dementia care solutions, understanding the changes your parent is going to go through can help you prepare for what will happen later on.

According to Reisberg Scale, there are seven stages of dementia.

Stage 1: Normal/No Impairment

In this stage your loved one will behave normally and you won't notice any of the symptoms.

Stage 2: Very Mild/Normal Aged Forgetfulness

The second stage is the one where the senior notices that they are becoming forgetful. Your parent will realize that they often cannot remember some of the names or where they left their keys.

Stage 3: Mild Cognitive Impairment

In the third stage, you will realize that your parent is struggling with memory loss. They will become even more forgetful and will have difficulty with managing more complex activities. If your parent is taking some kind of medication, the loss of concentration and overall confusion in this stage can cause a problem. Your loved one might need medication reminders in order to properly take their meds.

Stage 4: Moderate Dementia

Your loved one will require assistance with some everyday tasks, such as shopping, cooking or cleaning. Seniors in this stage are often in denial and do not want to admit that they have problems with memory loss. Therefore, they will avoid social contact rather than engage in a conversation.

Stage 5: Moderately Severe Dementia

In the fifth stage, your loved one will require dementia care services in order to make it through their daily activities. Your loved one will have a hard time remembering their phone number, the name of their street or other basic information. They may need assistance with dressing, meal planning and paying bills.

Stage 6: Severe Dementia

In stage 6, your parent will require full-time dementia care. A caregiver will need to assist them with bathing, dressing and toileting. Your loved one will be more prone to wandering and getting lost and they can become increasingly paranoid and hostile.

Stage 7: Very Severe Dementia

The final stage is when a dementia patient loses motor control, the ability to speak and communicate as well as the ability to eat properly.


If you have noticed any of these symptoms in your loved one, contact their health provider and have them tested. Early detection can benefit both you and your parent since you will be able to act on time, manage the progression of the disease and research all the dementia care options available.

Additionally, consider in-home care options from Visiting Angels. We've helped many seniors in Littleton, CO and surrounding areas safely age in place while helping them manage memory loss and other dementia symptoms.

Contact our Littleton office today to learn how we can help your loved one!

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