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How Our In-Home Care Providers Monitor and Protect Seniors in Longmont, CO and the Surrounding Areas

Here’s how in-home care providers from Visiting Angels keep seniors in Longmont, Boulder, Louisville and surrounding areas in Boulder County, CO safe while giving families peace of mind

Your parents may be enjoying their golden years, but as time passes, age-related issues might naturally arise. Maybe Mom has a slow-progressing eye condition, making it difficult to drive at night. Or Dad randomly forgets your name. Of course, it could be nothing, or he may be experiencing the early stages of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

When you experience these signs, it’s natural to worry. Your instinct may be to step in and care for your parent; perhaps move them into your home. But you can’t neglect other needs, such as your family and career. And most seniors prefer to age in place, in their own home. Too many pressures can cause exhaustion or even burnout.

In-home care providers from Visiting Angels of Boulder County can ease caregiving demands — they can be your eyes and ears when you’re not available.

Threats Against Seniors:  Illness, Depression and Falls

The natural aging process can expose your parent to a range of health issues, and certain conditions might remain undiagnosed for a long time. Early detection is the key to better health outcomes. While in-home care providers from Visiting Angels of Boulder County are not medical professionals, they can recognize initial symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, depression and other illnesses.

The elderly can be prone to depression because of multiple medical conditions along with their mostly homebound status. At Visiting Angels of Boulder County, our in-home care providers will work hard to foster a positive attitude in your senior loved one. If there is a problem, you won’t lose precious time before it’s uncovered.

The following questions can uncover undiagnosed depression:

  • Is your loved one sad or in an “empty” mood?
  • Have you noticed a significant decrease or increase in appetite?
  • Does he or she sleep too much? Or not enough?
  • Have they lost interest in enjoyable activities?
  • Do they have difficulty concentrating or making decisions?
  • Are they fatigued or do they have low energy?
  • Has your loved one been thinking about death or suicide?

If you believe your loved one is depressed, a medical exam can rule out medication problems or an underlying illness. Seek help promptly because there are medications and behavioral treatments to alleviate depression.

Seniors are also prone to falls. Health conditions, poor eyesight, dehydration, clutter, dim lighting, and the lack of safety equipment such as grab bars can pose risks. A serious fall can mean weeks or months of recovery and rehabilitation. Your loved one’s in-home care provider can address fall risks before it’s too late. At Visiting Angels of Boulder County, your professional caregiver will “fall-proof” the home as part of the initial free consultation.

Outside Threats:  Scam Artists and Fraud

Additionally, isolated seniors can become easy prey for fraud. An unsuspecting elderly adult can be a target for scam artists. We can help make sure your elderly loved one doesn’t end up a victim.

Every day, scammers are trying to steal personal identity information, and they hope confused seniors will comply. Our caregivers can stop potential harm for your loved one so they can remain independent without having to worry about becoming a victim of identity theft.

If you're interested in more information about how our in-home care providers can keep an eye out for your loved one, contact our Longmont, CO office at 303-848-2331.

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