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Five Benefits of Home Care for Seniors in Lubbock, TX

Lubbock, TX home care is possible with Visiting Angels senior care services

Senior care is a sacred duty that often falls to family members and friends. It's a top priority, but other commitments – whether personal or work-related – can get in the way of continual senior care. Scheduled visits and/or part-time home care services can assist. Still, over time there may be signs a senior needs constant care, primarily as a progressive illness affects physical and cognitive functions. With Visiting Angels of Lubbock, TX, we can help provide home care to your senior loved one in need.

Many seniors rely on a significant amount of support from family members – even if that is just for companionship. Others require more assistance and may seek home care services to give them more time to themselves.

Benefits of Home Care in Lubbock, TX

Research shows that seniors who live at home with their families or caregivers have better health than those in nursing homes or other care facilities. Quality of life is a crucial factor, and full-time home care has some unique benefits that can make the difference in maintaining a thriving senior.

  1. 1. Aging in Place
    Seniors want to live at home as long as possible. Studies show that this is the norm, with roughly 90% of American seniors preferring to stay at home for as long as possible. The comfort of their bed and familiar surroundings can be a great source of comfort.

    Many seniors have trouble moving around and feel safer in their own homes. Moving is also a stressful undertaking, especially if more than one family member to care for.

    2. Increased Peace of Mind
    Seniors who aren't living in their own homes are at the mercy of a medical facility or nursing home, which may change doctors or changes in a senior's medication. Home care providers can ease stress around the senior's health by knowing what medications they take and how they respond to certain medicines.

    When you and other family caregivers need time to refresh by taking a day off or going on vacation, respite care, or switching to full-time home care ensures that the special senior in your life receives the best care services day and night in their home.

    3. One-on-One Care and Companionship
    When you have a full-time home care provider, you can rest assured that the seniors in your life will get the attention they need through one-on-one care. Suppose a loved one is struggling with the early stages of dementia or is physically unable to spend time outside their room. In that case, the availability of home care services ensures they receive consistent care throughout the day and night.

    One main benefit is companionship. Most seniors want to be in their own homes – even if they require significant assistance – which leads to feelings of loneliness.

    4. Safety and Comfort
    A senior living alone increases the chances of falls, contraception, and various health-related issues. Even if seniors can make it to the bathroom or get out of bed, they are still isolated. A full-time caregiver can ensure that a senior has enough assistance in their home as well as protection from potential dangers, such as a fire in the house or falling while walking.

    The ideal scenario is when no one ever has to leave home – especially when there is some form of illness.

    5. Customized Senior Services
    The ever-changing needs of a senior can be met by full-time care. A home care provider can offer various services, such as meals, medication management, and housekeeping assistance.

    Home care services should be tailored to the senior's specific needs, whether that is a need to get out of bed more or avoid taking medications.

Full-Time Home Care Options

While often considered one type of full-time home care, live-in and 24-hour care are two different options to consider for your senior loved one.

Live-In Care

Live-in care is ideal for seniors who require regular care – such as taking medications or having food prepared – and in their own homes. While the senior is still safe and secure in their own home, there is more interaction than when a caregiver solely assists.

24-Hour care

The cost of 24-hour care is similar to live-in care, but the choice to hire 24-hour caregivers is a better fit for seniors who want to be in their own home rather than a facility.

Full-time home care offers a wide variety of benefits to seniors in their own homes. It can ensure they receive the attention they need while still giving family members time to pursue other interests.

Contact Visiting Angels in Lubbock, TX, to create your custom home care plan!

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Serving Lubbock, Lynn, Crosby, Floyd, Garza, Hale, Hockley, Lamb Counties, TX

Visiting Angels LUBBOCK, TEXAS
3223 S Loop 289 Ste 315
Lubbock, TX 79423
Phone: 806-687-2780
Fax: 806-687-2784
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