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Home Care Options that Help Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease for Seniors in McKinney, TX

With home care options from Visiting Angels, seniors in McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas in Collin County, TX can minimize their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and stay healthy for longer

Unfortunately, Alzheimer's disease affects many seniors and inevitably changes their lives in a drastic way. Older adults who get diagnosed with this disease may forget who their loved ones are, how to engage in their favorite activities or even who they are. Eventually, they will need to choose from available professional in-home senior care providers or relocate to a nursing home in order to stay safe and comfortable.

Although researches have been looking for a cure for this disease, they still haven't found it. However, there are some ways your parent can reduce their risk of Alzheimer's disease. Just by making some lifestyle changes and promoting good brain health, your loved one can live their golden years to the fullest without worrying about this illness. If your loved one needs some assistance to develop and stick to healthier lifestyle changes, Visiting Angels McKinney offers a variety of home care options to help them minimize their risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Mental Stimulation

In order to stay healthy and improve their cognitive functioning your loved one should engage in mentally stimulating activities as much as they can. Simple things such as learning a new language, practicing memorization, playing strategy games, solving puzzles and riddles or using their non-dominant hand more can help them can reduce their risk of Alzheimer's disease. In fact, according to a National Institute of Health (NIH) ACTIVE study, seniors who engaged in at least 10 sessions of mental training improved their cognitive functioning months after the training and showed long-lasting improvements a decade later.

At Visiting Angels McKinney, we offer various home care options that can improve your loved one's well-being. For example, our caregivers can provide companionship as your parent engages in fun and mentally stimulating activities.

Regular Exercise

Exercising on a regular basis doesn't only keep the body in a good shape, but the brain as well. According to the Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation, regularly exercising can reduce a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's by up to 50 percent! Therefore, your loved one should work out for at least 150 minutes every week while focusing on cardio and strength training. Since head injuries can lead to the development of Alzheimer's, your parent should also add balance and coordination activities into their schedule.

Visiting Angels McKinney can help your loved one stick to an exercise regimen by reminding them to exercise every day. We can also provide transportation to gyms, community centers and other places throughout Collin County so they can have a place to get their daily exercise.

Eat Healthy

Our home care options don't include meal planning and preparation for nothing. At Visiting Angels McKinney, we understand that seniors need to maintain a well-balanced diet in order to stay healthy. Older adults should eat less sugar, avoid trans fats, eat plenty of omega-3 fats, fruits and vegetables and try to focus on home-cooked meals that contain the brain-healthy nutrients they need. We can help your loved one shop for healthy ingredients, help them prepare meals and assist with planning nutritious and delicious meals for the week.

Stay Socially Active

Even by staying socially active, your loved one can keep their brain healthy. Enjoying weekly activities with friends, joining a club, taking a group class or using social platforms are just some of the fun ways your parent can lead an active life and stay healthy.

As a part of our home care options, Visiting Angels McKinney offers a Social Care program that includes helping seniors utilize modern technology and stay connected to their friends and family.

Getting Good Sleep

Good sleep habits are also essential in minimizing the risk of Alzheimer's. Not only does getting enough sleep lead to lower levels of beta-amyloid, a brain-clogging protein that can further interfere with sleep, but it also helps flush out brain toxins.

In order to develop good sleep habits, your loved one should remove any televisions or computers from their room as these can encourage mental stimulation and make it harder to fall asleep. They should also stick to a regular sleep schedule and include a relaxing bedtime ritual beforehand that helps them calm down. Your loved one should be careful about taking naps (as this can reinforce bad sleep habits) and get screened for sleep apnea, especially if they snore.

Visiting Angels McKinney can help your loved one relax before going to sleep by helping them put on their pajamas, drawing a nice bath and monitoring them overnight so they don't wake up and wander around. You can personalize your loved one's home care options based on their needs and schedule, so we'll be there when they need us most, even overnight.

Stress Management

In order to reduce the risks of Alzheimer's, your loved one should develop healthy strategies for managing stress. Frequent stress is absolutely no good for older adults, as it can lead to shrinkage in a key memory area in their brain, interfere with nerve cell growth and increase their risk of developing Alzheimer's. Stress management can be as simple as taking deep breaths, walking in the park, meditating or doing activities they love.

Our home care options include providing clients with meaningful companionship. Our caregivers can accompany your loved one in stress management activities and talk through whatever is stressing them out so they can feel better.

At Visiting Angels, we offer various home care options that can help your loved one reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer's. If you want to learn more about how we can improve your parent's quality of life, contact our office in McKinney, TX.

Serving McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Prosper and Communities in Collin County, Texas

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Serving McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Prosper and Communities in Collin County, Texas

Visiting Angels MCKINNEY, TEXAS
4500 Eldorado Pkwy #1500
McKinney, TX 75070
Phone: 214-491-1999