Reviews for Visiting Angels McKinney

Visiting Angels prides itself on providing the best possible care for our families in the Collin County area. Many of our clients come from having bad experiences with other agencies and are almost shocked by the attention to detail and level of service they now receive. If you or your loved one believe that you could benefit from our in home care, please call 214-491-1999 or contact us.

Don’t take our word for it; hear what our clients themselves have to say:


"My mother was having health problems and her husband had just died. She wasn't safe to be alone all the time. Things got worse and she had a stroke, so after rehab, I called them again and spoke to Theresa. She was compassionate, sensitive to my concerns about cost and sent out two of the best, nicest and competent caregivers to rotate through my house.

Mom fell in love with them as part of her family. When things got worse yet, and we decided she could no longer live at home, we flew her out to an assisted living arrangements in California, and one of the women that had cared for her so well here flew out with her and my sister, which made the trip easier for the sister and less stressful for my mother. I highly recommend Theresa and her team to anyone in a situation similar to mine.”
- Ed S.

"We have used Visiting Angels in McKinney for over a year now and they are truly ANGELS! If you are looking for someone to help you care for a loved one when you can't be there....Visiting Angels is the next best thing to being there yourself. You won't find a more loving, caring and responsible organization!”
- Julie L.

"A year ago I hired Visiting Angels of McKinney to help out with my 92 year old grandmother, I was apprehensive at first but apprehension quickly turned to joy and relief. Our caregiver has become part of the family and truly loves my grandmother. The benefit of having someone there to help her out has been invaluable and the happiness our caregiver brings to my grandmother is immeasurable. I highly recommend visiting angels, the whole company cares about the families they help."
- Rip U.

"The Visiting Angels office in McKinney has been assisting my family in caring for my grandmother with Alzheimer’s for a couple years now. They assisted her while she lived in her home and now that we have moved her to an assisted living facility they continue to assist with her care. It has really taken a lot of stress off of my mom who has been her primary caregiver for many years. I can’t say enough about this company. Their caregivers are top notch and the office staff is very kind and accommodating. I have been impressed on every level and would recommend them to anyone."
- Steve S.

"My experience with Visiting Angels while I recovered from surgery was exceptional. My primary need was for someone to walk with me and to help with meals in the 4 hours that they spent with me daily. But my Angel's made sure my laundry was taken care of as well as basic housekeeping. They were also great company and I loved getting to talk with them. I highly recommend this agency for any home care needs. Very responsive to any concerns and schedule needs."
- Kirstin D.

"Thank you, Deb, and all of the Visiting Angels who cared for my husband over the last two years. I will be forever grateful for the kindness, compassion, care, humor, and professionalism you provided to us. You raise the bar for caregiving!"
- Gaye G

"My visiting Angels have been very competent and know exactly what to do. They are very compassionate. If they know I am hurting they ask me what I need. They go out of their way for me and do what I need done. This gives me peace of mind. All of my Angels have been so patient with me and that makes me so happy. No one has ever been patient like this for me before. When I first heard about the Visting Angels I thought I would be uncomfortable with having strangers in my home, but they have been wonderful. It has been very easy to establish a relationship with them."
- Trish D.

"My husband was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in April of 2018.  Soon after, it became apparent that I was unable to care for his needs without help.  My husband and I moved to Frisco, TX to stay with our daughter and son-in-law so we could get the care he needed.  Since my son-in-law worked the night shift, he was able to help care for my husband from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.  My daughter’s job enabled her to help from 4:30 in the afternoon until bedtime.  That left a gap of 4 hours each afternoon when I was left to care for my husband alone, and that’s when we contacted Visiting Angels.

It was the best decision we made during the long, painful journey that led us to seeing my husband slowly deteriorate and succumb to this hateful disease.  During that 8 month period, the Angels were such a blessing.  We could never have done without their reliable, kind and loving care. Every day they came, these young ladies so full of compassion for my husband, brought joy to him. His eyes would light up when they came to his side and spoke to him.  They fed him, took him to the bathroom, changed his clothing and bathed him, and helped me around the house.

In addition to visiting with my husband, they talked to me and the bond we forged between those ladies and each member of our family was a tight bond of love, trust and caring for a man who was coherent in his speech only briefly, who was cogent off and on for only an hour or so each day. Yet these young women brought light and comfort, peace and love to a helpless and slowly dying man.

I cannot recommend Visiting Angels highly enough.  Their care enabled us to have some freedom from worry especially when it came to having care overnight and for a weekend or two.  God bless these ladies for their deep commitment to give the very best loving care within their considerable abilities to my husband and our family."
- Frisco, TX

“Thank you Scott for sharing…having been through the experience with the other services, I am confident that Visiting Angels is the best service in the DFW area, and goes out of their way to satisfy each case. Thank you for your continued support!”

- Plano TX

“Theresa, thank you for being on top of this…very helpful…I appreciate your thoroughness with my Mom's care and attention to me. Thanks again. Ps: Mom really likes Diana's cooking!”
- Naperville, IL

“Thanks Scott, saw what you did, that was great. I truly appreciate you and all your staff, don’t know how I did this without you!”
- Celina, TX

“Thanks so much Theresa for looking after her so well and keeping us posted...such a blessing!”
- Richardson, TX

“I cannot say enough about your service and personnel. Keith, Emy and Theresa are fantastic and I will recommend your service."
- Allen, TX

“Our caregivers were wonderful. Theresa and Scott were always willing to do what we needed and were very understanding –Great people!”
- Allen, TX

“The service was outstanding! My mother was very pleased which made it even better. I would definitely recommend you to friends. Also, mom really liked Carrie. She even brought mom some leftover from her BBQ. Thanks.”
- Plano, TX

“The care my mother received was excellent. Lana was a perfect match for my mother both in temperament and interests. I will not hesitate to refer someone to Visiting Angels.”
- Frisco, TX


If you or your loved one believe that you could benefit from our in home care, please call 214-491-1999 or contact us.

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