Visiting Angels Newport Beach, CA Reviews

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"My husband Ray and his family felt their experience with Visiting Angels was very positive. Our family would recommend Visiting Angels to friends and family. Thank you again for working with us and to Laura for doing her best to care for Ray’s mom during her time with Visiting Angels. "

- Trudi S


"A friend of mine introduced me to the “Angels” a couple of years ago and it was the best call I made in years! Being an angel, to them, is not a job. They truly love and have a passion for caring for their clients, they treat their clients as family. They would bend over backwards to meet our needs, they were flexible on changing days, times, and even adapting to the last-minute emergency. They always worked with us and they always had a smile and were always positive, they never let us down. My mom looked forward to their visits and would light up when they walked in, she would say “Goodie Goodie”, that is how much she adored them. She never wanted to see her caregiver go and she never had a negative thing to say about them. My mom loved the company, the companionship, but most of all the friendship that was formed. They made her feel so loved and important. "

- Aleta


"They have kind and caring caregivers, and they are punctual. My father is in the hospital right now and they are with him in the hospital. They are all so helpful. They are responsive and they keep good communication with us, the family. They are willing to go above and beyond. They treat our father like he is their father. They [the office staff] have gone above and beyond because my dad has been in and out of the hospital. They have had to reschedule a lot and they have been super willing to work with us."

- Bonnie M


"I selected them because I was talking to the owner of the agency instead of the salesperson. They have been positive. The caregiver is a very kind person. She helps with my mom's laundry. The office staff does everything right and I have no complaints. I can tell they [caregiver and client] get along because of how they talk with each other."

- Larry B


"A friend recommended them. They are very caring, and it is well ran. The personalities of the caregivers are really good. They are good and caring people. They are capable. They help her [client] with walking, bathing, and eating. They [office staff] are very responsive and skillful at communicating. They are great people. We are very satisfied."

- Nancy S


"They sent qualified people, which I was grateful for, and people who are qualified in an experiential way. The caregivers show up and provide me with information about my loved one. They are able to inform me about things I might not have been aware of. When my loved one gets cantankerous, they are able to handle it. Even though she is being rude and a couple of other things, they still maintain their cool and get the job done. I appreciate the fact they [office staff] do communicate. When they think there is a problem brewing, they contact me directly, and I appreciate that. I have changed the schedule on them a couple of times, and they always conform to what I ask them to do. They don't whine about it or give me guff. The gal that they have assigned to us actually has a physical therapy background, so she is actually conducting physical therapy for [my loved one], even though she wasn't hired in that role. It made a difference! "

- Steve H


"They are very personable and very easy to talk to and get ahold of. They are always trying to find the best people for us. They are always there. I am never worried that they won't do their best for me. They do everything well. Their personalities are friendly. They are patient and kind. They mostly care for him [client] well with his specific needs. The office staff are the ones that help find people for us and answer all of our questions."

- Liza N


"The caregivers were compassionate and very good with my mother. My brother and I have full time jobs, and we were able to work without worrying about my mother's care. They helped with hygiene issues, bathing, and making sure that my mother was reminded of her medication. Also, they helped with meals. They [office staff] responded when my mother fell, and they got things set up very quickly. One caregiver went above and beyond with the light house keeping and keeping her home in shape. "

- Terri H


"The caregiver we have is very good, and the agency is very helpful. They provide a quality individual to help with my mother. The caregiver is well organized and is familiar with my mother's rhythms so she can anticipate needs. We appreciate that they are available when we need them. We established a good working relationship with the caregiver and they are going well, she has become like family. "

- John R


"I like the dependability. I like the nice professionalism of my caregiver. The caregiver helps with feeding, exercise, walking, and light housekeeping. The caregivers are very kind and understanding. I am very happy with them. "

- Dale W


"I like the quality of the people they send. They are very helpful. They have provided quality caregivers. [Our caregiver] is attentive to our needs. "

- Jim A


"They're very compassionate, thorough, and they communicate well. They can be trusted. They perform what they say that they're going to perform. They primarily help with cooking, cleaning, and doing exercises. They primarily help with cooking, cleaning, and doing exercises. They're much more professional than the other agency that we had. I appreciate their honesty and care for my father. I also appreciate their compassion and communication. "

- Peggy R


"We had had a bad experience with a previous conglomerate and when I talked to Anna on the phone, she went way above to get service started right away. If you need anything, they [the office] are right there on the spot to help you out. They go above and beyond to facilitate what is needed. I have full confidence in them. I have peace of mind knowing Mom is being taken care of. [The caregiver] stays in contact with me in any changes with my mom's health. [The caregiver] stays in touch with any changes. They treat her as family, on top of caring for her health needs. "

- Lori A


"I like the managerial part of it. I always get to talk to the owner. The actual caregivers are amazing. For everyone, it provides security. For my mom, it provides the quality of life she has. The caregiver goes above and beyond what I would expect. She does what is needed, and I like her dedication to my mom. My mom gave up driving about a year ago, so the caregiver takes her to the doctor and goes grocery shopping while she is waiting. These are things that are hard for my mom to do. "

- Sally M


"The communication has been very good, and the care itself has been extraordinary. She [the caregiver] is extremely competent. She attended when the physical therapist in the hospital came in and has been able to reproduce those exercises on her own without supervision. They [the office] keep me aware of what is going on. I had a family emergency and had to leave for a couple days and nights, and they kept me well up to date. I was very grateful for that. "

- Steve H


"They are very conscientious, they have cared for my father well, and have provided for us. "

- Anonymous


"They are very flexible. The quality of the person that was coming to my dad was fantastic. She was a wonderful motivator. They were fantastic with finding the right fit. They were very responsive and accommodating. They are very helpful and thorough. They found out about my dad and his lifestyle to match a caregiver. It was not superficial in any way. She [the caregiver] was very proactive and didn't need me to tell her or suggest things to do to cheer him dad up. She was a great cheerleader for him. "

- Cameron P


"They do a very good job. They are dependable and loving people. They take care of my husband with cooking, dressing, and making his bed, and they do what I hired them for. They seem to do the job, and they are a good cook. They are very good. They seem to be very kind, considerate, and compassionate. "

- Dale W


"I like the personalities of the employees and their willingness to do whatever I need. They do household chores. They do grocery shopping. They are so pleasant and easy to be around."

- Marcia R


"They're responsive, helpful, and attentive. The services are helpful because my mother has received a reliable caregiver. The caregiver helps with washing the laundry, organizing things, exercising, and walking with my mother. They're proactive, responsible, and helpful. They've been helpful with changing caregivers for us. I appreciate the caregiver's personality, reliability, and care."

- John R


"They're outstanding. They're very important. They've made it possible for us to function. They do housekeeping and meals, medical appointments, and shopping. They staff us well. They're very sympathetic and cognizant of what we need. "

- Jim A


"I would tell people about how they were very responsive. If there was a change in schedule, they notified me and if I needed to change the schedule, I could notify them and they would make those changes quickly. The people they hired that we were exposed to were very positive and that was definitely the most helpful thing. My mom was very coherent, she still is, so she would be with the caregivers when they were there, and the caregivers were always going above and beyond to help her. The office staff was very quick and efficient and very caring and good with following up. They always would inquire to see how she was doing. They worked up a schedule that would work for us all the time. They [the caregivers] were a well trained, good group of people. You could tell they really enjoyed working with the elderly, and I appreciated that. "

- Amy G


"The girl that comes is very conscientious and anxious to do well. He's [the client] very spoiled and she [the caregiver] is always there for his needs as well as mine. They have been helpful and continuously strive to do the best job possible. She [the caregiver] has a willingness to take on whatever it is to keep us all happy. She is very supportive and outstanding"

- Barbara S


"I like their quality of caregivers and their quality of working with people in the main office. They are just lovely people. They have just been available to help in any way that they can. I appreciate their professionalism. They do everything that they are supposed to do. They do everything that is asked of them, and they go above and beyond. Anytime I have a question, they are there. They answer immediately and they are very helpful. I appreciate their kindness and their care. "

- Teri I


"The person who runs it is very dependable, and he hires good people. They [the caregiver] take him to the doctor, clean, and cook food for him. She is very dependable and a good communicator. They have been able to find caregivers which is quite difficult. They get along because the caregiver has the right background. "

- Jim C


"They've [the caregivers] been very professional. They're on top of it when we need something. They check on her all the time. They get her out and take her on walks. It's made a huge impact on her well being. They're always moving around and cleaning. They fix her food and keep a close eye on her at all times to make sure she doesn't fall. They're very attentive to her needs. They've [the office staff] always communicated possible changes that would affect her well-being. They genuinely care about her. I can tell by how they handle her. They do it with love. "

- Lori A

Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Living Assistance Services Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Visiting Angels franchised agency.