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Companion Care Services in Newington

Companion Care Services in Newington

provider of companion care services in Newington assisting elderly patient down stairs

How Companionship Impacts Health

Seniors need social activity just like everyone else. With our companion care services, Visiting Angels® Newington provides a great option for local families. We offer in-home care and companionship from loving senior care professionals. With our support, your relative won't have to go through daily life on their own. 

The Benefits of Our Companion Care Services in Newington

Living at home is a great way for seniors to enjoy continued independence, dignity, and privacy as they age. Unfortunately, it often comes with increased isolation. With our service, you can make sure your relative has daily social contact and customized support. This can go a long way towards improving their emotional and physical health. Some of the benefits include:

  • Emotional Stability. Being alone can be sad, no matter your age. Seniors who are left alone often feel isolated and severely disconnected from the outside world. This can lead to serious depression, so it's important to make sure they have support. With our companionship, they can enjoy a more positive living environment with daily contact with a friendly and positive person. 
  • Reduced Injury Risk. The risk of household accidents is much greater when they are alone. That's because falls can happen at any moment, even during seemingly ordinary tasks. We help to reduce this problem by minimizing fall hazards, providing mobility support, taking care of household chores, and being there to prevent potential accidents. Also, it's nice to have someone around who can get them to a doctor if they do fall.  
  • A Sharper Mind. Activity is great for the brain. Isolation is not. By keeping them socially active, our companion care can help to fend off mental decline and keep their brain sharp, flexible, and strong. 
  • Healthy Exercise. Exercise is great for physical health, and it also leads to a happier mental state. We can help your loved one with a customized exercise routine designed based on their physical condition. We can also provide daily support, motivation, and supervision to keep them safe. 

Companion Care Services For Your Loved One

When an elderly loved one lives alone, relatives often find themselves sacrificing too much time and energy to help. This comes from a kind and noble place, but it can often become unsustainable and unhealthy. With our service, you can give them everything they need without pushing yourself towards caregiver burnout. Plus, you can be more free to relax and enjoy the time you spend with them, without constantly worrying about their care. 

We offer our companion care throughout:

For more info about our companion care services, contact Visiting Angels Newington today. 

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