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In Home Care in Farmington

In Home Care in Farmington

Provider of in home care in Farmington hugging elderly patient

Companion Care or Personal Care?

At Visiting Angels® Newington, no two in home care plans look exactly identical. That's because every senior has different needs, and we always tailor our care plans based on each of our clients' needs. For families in Farmington, we always offer flexible, adaptive care that's sensitive to your loved one's changing needs. 

Our agency offers plenty of care options, including personal care and companion care. Which one's right for your family member? Let's review. 

Do You Need Personal Care or Companion Care? 

With Visiting Angels Newington, companion care is designed for seniors who are mostly independent but need help with occasional tasks. We can schedule visits as frequently or infrequently as needed. For those seniors who are struggling to live at home safely, and require assistance with more advanced tasks, personal care may be suggested. 

Let's take a look at a few tasks involved with each type of care: 

  • Help with grooming. Often, there comes a point when seniors start to struggle with daily grooming. If that's the case for your family member, personal care can make a significant difference. Our caregivers offer sensitivity and compassion while assisting with these tasks, helping seniors bathe and groom more comfortably.
  • Assistance with meals. Your loved one might be doing fine on their own—except when it comes to making meals. Whether they've never had to handle the cooking before or they're simply having difficulty now, companion care is ideally suited for this. We can plan, prepare, and cook meals. 
  • Any mobility support. As time goes on, your loved one may have greater difficulty with mobility. You may start to worry about their safety around the home. In these situations, we recommend personal care in Farmington. Our in home care specialists offer protective oversight and support with mobility. 
  • Taking care of errands. Driving can be particularly precarious for seniors. If your loved one doesn't drive anymore, companion care services can help to manage regular errands such as shopping for groceries or posting mail. We can even drive clients to social engagements or appointments. 

Schedule a Consultation For In Home Care in Farmington 

Our agency provides enormous flexibility and customization when it comes to in home care plans. We can offer our own recommendations based on an assessment of your loved one's home environment or their specific challenges. We help seniors thrive across the region, including: 

  • Farmington
  • Rocky Hill
  • Newington
  • West Hartford 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Learn more about our comprehensive in home care services in Farmington. Just contact Visiting Angels Newington for an initial consultation. 

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