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In-Home Care Costs in Omaha

In-Home Care Costs in Omaha

There are many seniors today that would rather live in their own home than a facility. This allows for more freedom and independence that many feel they wouldn’t receive elsewhere. There is also a familiarity aspect to living at home, as well.  Like anyone who moves into a new home, they would need to get adjusted to their new surroundings, which may not be comfortable for many. Those with Alzheimer’s may also struggle with this new feat on their hands.

The advantages of live-in care or non-medical home care

Although there are differences between lives at home and living away from home, not all aging adults have the ability to live at home without some sort of assistance. A lot of families choose to have in-home caretakers come into their loved ones’ homes to help them live a close-to-normal daily lifestyle.
  • Your loved one is the caretaker’s number one focus
  • Companionship is automatic from the caretaker
  • Day to day tasks can become a bit easier
  • They get assistance with baths, showers, and hygiene
  • Medication assistance
  • Dietary help
  • Staying within a familiar environment by being in their own home
  • They are able to live more independently
  • A medical professional is always available to them
There should be a general discussion about just how affordable the cost of care really is and how many people can afford it. Today, we will try to break down the different types of in-home senior care costs in Omaha and show that there is much more to it than most people may think. In some cases, it may be much cheaper than respite care in a nursing home or receiving residential care.

In-Home Care Costs in Omaha

The cost of home care varies depending on the number of hours the care provider is needed in the home. It also depends on the type of services needed, as well.  Also take into consideration the supplies needed in everyday routines. As expected, every state has its own median cost of care and charges associated with in-home health care. The national average according to a survey conducted by Genworth Financial comes to around $4,000 per month. It also shows that the median monthly rate across the country stands at around $20 an hour. Expect prices such as these to be reflected in your research for finding home healthcare for your loved one.

Calculating In-Home Care Costs in Omaha

Regardless of the kind of home care service needed, the home healthcare company you choose to work with will give an estimate to you. A licensed professional will do this for you. Depending on the home care agency you choose, you may or may not be charged a non-refundable assessment fee. There are many different ways that each company may break down the price of the care needed.  Here are some examples of rates that are used:


This rate is often calculated on a daily basis with allowances given for the time the caregiver takes off for their breaks and rests. This rate is used when your loved one needs care round the clock. The daily rate for most home care agencies ranges from $200 to about $350 per day. This, of course, is dependent on the cost of living within your given region, as well as the type of care needed.


This is the most common way calculating cost for your loved one. Seniors who generally remain independent in their day-to-day activities may not need a care worker around the clock. Sometimes there are seniors who only need care workers for about two hours a day. Most home care agencies have an established minimum number of hours per day that one of their licensed caregivers can spend at the home of a client.


Overnight rates are slightly different than daily rates in that you could choose to hire overnight help without necessarily choosing the daily. Although typically not calculated by the hour, overnight rates are usually not as expensive as daily rates. Overnight clients are seniors who need assistance from a professional at night because they either get up to go the bathroom and may need help with or have degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia and may wander off into the night. The care worker is primarily there to offer assistance and to ensure the senior’s safety through the night.

What To Look For In An In-Home Care Service in Omaha

Because Americans spend an average of $4,000 a month on home care services, it is imperative to find the right kind of service. You will need to find one that is exactly what you need, not only for your budget, but also for the needs of your loved one. Here are some of the things you should consider when you choose an in-home care service:

Longevity of company and their reviews

This will allow you to judge just how well they treat their clients and the kind of track record they have as far as care is concerned.

Qualifications and experience of staff members

In-home care service providers include trained and certified nurses who are specialized in care for the elderly. The credentials of every staff member will give you an indication of the level of care that the home care provides for their clients.

Whether or not the staff is insured and bonded

This is purely for your own protection. Ensure that every member of the staff is insured and bonded.

Do they work with a doctor to develop a care plan for your loved one

Depending on the kind of care your loved one needs, it is important to have a doctor on staff to help the care workers to come up with a well-structured care plan for you.

Do they have references

The best care providers should be more than happy to share that information with you if they are a top-notch company. By talking to an actual client, you will get a personal feel of how the home care agency treat’s its clients. Of course, you will need to do plenty of research before you settle on one home care service provider. The problem is that for some seniors, the choices are often limited by the availability of agencies in their location. Take your time and find the best one that fits your loved one’s needs.

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Getting started is easy. Simply get in touch with one of our local home care offices. We can match your loved one with a caregiver who can provide the assistance they need. Respite care is offered on an hourly basis so you can establish the frequency and scope of care that best meets your needs. Because our home care services are flexible, should your loved one require more engaged care in the future, we can expand our role to include: At Visiting Angels, we’re here to be your caregiving partner. Find out more about our in-home respite care services by connecting with a local office today  
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