Companion Care Services Help Isolated Seniors in Palm Beach Gardens and Surrounding Communities

Learn about the benefits of in-home companion care services for older adults in Palm Beach Gardens, Juno Beach, Jupiter, West Palm Beach and surrounding areas in Florida

Florida is a leading retirement destination, and the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area is home to many vulnerable Seniors who live alone. A growing body of research has found that older adults living in isolation without social contact suffer from many negative emotional and physical health outcomes. To limit these risks, families in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens are turning to companion care services from Visiting Angels.

Visiting Angels® Palm Beach Gardens provides elderly adults with the services they need to still live independently and comfortably at home, just more safely. With in-home care, seniors benefit from the company, conversation, and comforting presence of a caregiving professional. Whether it's assistance with the daily routine, meals, medications, shopping, errands or doctor visits, when seniors need assistance they can turn to a professional caregiver for help.

Senior care services from Visiting Angels Palm Beach Gardens can help elderly adults in any living situation. But they’re especially valuable for seniors who live alone in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Juno Beach or in the surrounding areas.

Companion Care Services Safeguard Seniors in Palm Beach Gardens and Surrounding Areas Against Isolation

Many people underestimate the extent and severity of the problems associated with senior isolation. Studies have found that isolated seniors have an increased risk of frailty, injury, illness and emotional health concerns. Some researchers have found that living alone lowers life expectancy at a similar rate to heavy cigarette smoking and obesity.

Our caregivers can address many of the issues at the root cause of these concerns. Below, we’ve listed just a few of the most important ways that companion care services can help seniors in Palm Beach Gardens who are at risk of senior isolation:

  1. Loneliness. Isolation almost always leads to feelings of loneliness. These often develop into deeper concerns, like severe depression and/or self-neglect. Our caregivers provide seniors with the meaningful relationships and regular social interactions needed to combat loneliness.
  2. Self-Neglect. Loneliness, depression, chronic pain, reduced strength and poor mobility can all make personal tasks and homemaking activities difficult for seniors. With a care companion, someone is there to lend a helping hand and look after the care recipient’s well-being.
  3. Inactivity. Without someone to enjoy activities with, many seniors who live alone fall into sedentary habits. Visiting Angels Palm Beach Gardens can give your loved one a partner for favorite hobbies, games and outdoor activities.
  4. Security. Seniors who live alone are prime targets for fraudsters and criminals. A senior caregiver can keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and give seniors someone to turn to in moments when something doesn’t feel right.
  5. Health. In-home care from Visiting Angels Palm Beach Gardens make it easier for seniors to lead healthy lifestyles.

If you’re concerned about the affects of senior isolation on your mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather, we invite you to contact Visiting Angels Palm Beach Gardens today at 561-328-7611 for more information on our companion care services. We will be happy to schedule you for a free care assessment in the comfort of your loved one’s home.

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