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In Home Care Services in Pittsfield

In Home Care Services in Pittsfield

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Helping Aging Parents Stay At Home

When a parent wishes to age at home, it's hard to know how to help them. Maybe you live too far away, or maybe you simply have too much else on your plate. In these situations, it helps to talk things through. At Visiting Angels® Berkshires, we help seniors throughout Pittsfield with our in home care services. We can offer our recommendations for your family member so they can age in place. 

Let's take a look at where to get started. 

How To Help Seniors Age in Place in Pittsfield 

When a parent wishes to remain at home, you likely want to make sure they have everything they need. So how do you do that? 

Our care team has provided support to families across the region. We can work with your family to ensure your parent has the care and attention they need. To get started, here's what to think about:  

  • How is their health? Your loved one's overall health needs may dictate their living situation. How is your loved one's mobility? Do they have chronic health concerns like diabetes? It may be helpful to take family health history into account as well. This initial discussion can be a good starting point for identifying specific support that your loved one needs now, as well as things they may need in the future. 
  • What support do they have in place? Your family member may already have support in place—from you, from doctors, from friends, and from other family in Pittsfield. They might've also taken steps like renovating the house for increased safety or purchasing an emergency call button. Consider what else may help them live safely and easily. This can be a good time to discuss in home care services, too.  
  • What are your biggest concerns? If you have concerns about your loved one's safety, health, or any other aspect of aging in place in Pittsfield, it helps to talk these issues through. Your family member may also have their own concerns to share. Do they have enough of a social network nearby? Do they have a team of trusted health professionals? Once you've made note of these concerns, you can all start working towards a solution. 

Get Dedicated In Home Care Services 

You can always count on Visiting Angels Berkshires for in home care services in: 

Want to set up in home care services for your loved one? Families in Pittsfield can call Visiting Angels Berkshires for a no-cost consultation. 

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