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In Home Care in East Hampton

In Home Care in East Hampton

provider of in home care in East Hampton standing with senior patient

These days, many seniors are stuck inside. With an increase in social distancing and other precautions, it may be more difficult than ever to visit your loved one. At Visiting Angels┬« Portland CT, we know how distressing it is to worry about a family member from afar. With in home care services, we provide essential support and companionship to seniors in East Hampton. 

Loneliness has always been a concern for seniors, and can be accompanied by serious health risks. The past year has been especially worrying, with increased feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. Let's review a few common signs of this. 

3 Signs Your Loved One Is Lonely 

Some people may hide loneliness from friends and family, feeling ashamed or uncertain about sharing these emotions. Our in home care team is well-versed in spotting signs of isolation in East Hampton area seniors. Here are a few potential indicators to watch out for:  

  • A sudden change in communication. Often, when people are feeling alone, you may find an increase or decrease in phone calls or other types of communication. If you're finding that a loved one is suddenly difficult to get hold of, or they're contacting you much more frequently, it can be a symptom of loneliness. 
  • Less care with physical appearance. When seniors are alienated or isolated, it's very easy for grooming to fall by the wayside. You may start to notice a more disheveled appearance from a family member, and other obvious signs they're neglecting bathing or other daily tasks. 
  • They have a poor sleep routine. When people don't have active sources of stimulation and social interaction, they can start to feel increasingly depressed. This can translate into longer sleeping hours or a more fragmented sleep schedule. Often, it can be a sign your loved one may be suffering from a lack of social activity.   

In Home Care For East Hampton Area Seniors 

For seniors, seeing a friendly face on a regular basis can do a world of good. That's where our in home care services can help. In addition to help around the home, our caregivers provide lively conversation and empathetic support to clients. We're proud to improve the lives of seniors in: 

  • East Hampton
  • Deep River
  • Portland CT
  • Killingworth
  • Haddam
  • Chester
  • East Haddam 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get compassionate in home care from a trusted caregiver in East Hampton. To find out more, call Visiting Angels Portland CT today. 

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