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Visiting Angels of Dallas, GA’s Home Health Aides Help Seniors Cope with nighttime anxieties and Sundowner’s Syndrome

It is not unusual for changes in mental health, emotional health, or behavior occur as a person ages. The elderly may find themselves facing loneliness or depression as a result of isolation or because they are experiencing mental health changes such as Alzheimer’s, Sundowner’s, or dementia. If you are a family caregiver noticing changes in your aging loved one’s mental health, bringing a home health care aide into your loved one’s life can make a big difference.

While some changes in health are to be expected, if you are noticing severe changes in your loved one’s behavior, it may be indicative of a larger issue. Some of these changes can include:

  • Increased anxiety or fear
  • Aggression, anger, or yelling
  • Pacing or wandering
  • Ignoring directions

If these behaviors occur regularly in the late afternoon or early evening, your loved one may be experiencing Sundowner’s Syndrome. This syndrome mostly impacts those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, but can occur in seniors not diagnosed with dementia, as well.

Visiting Angels Dallas’ home health care aides can help your loved one create a daily routine that can address symptoms of Sundowner’s Syndrome and other anxieties. A routine can increase feelings of security and comfort throughout the day and night, while making sure that your loved one’s needs are met. A home health care aide will make sure that this routine includes any medication reminders, appointments, physical therapy or exercise that is recommended by your loved one’s doctor.

At Visiting Angels Dallas, we believe in caring for the whole person. We offer personal care services, which includes building a routine for your loved one that incorporates physical needs, spiritual needs, emotional needs, and social engagements. We will also take into account your loved one’s lifestyle preferences, hobbies, and favorite community activities. Increasing emotional and mental health overall can help your loved one moderate anxieties and depression, and reduce isolation overall.

If you are helping to care for an aging loved one who may be experiencing Sundowner’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, or dementia, your first resource should be your loved one’s doctor. Be sure to report any changes in behavior or activities, particularly when those changes are extreme or sudden. Your doctor may recommend a home health care aide to help ensure your loved one remains safe, healthy, and comfortable at home. If you are looking for the best in-home care, Visiting Angels Dallas is a home care agency that offers top-quality care that is cost-effective and customized for your individual needs.

Call Visiting Angels Dallas to learn more about how our home health care aides can help your loved one feel safe and comfortable in their own home.

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