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Five Benefits to Choosing In-Home Care

As our loved ones age, it can be very difficult to watch them struggle as they grow older. What used to be easy for them often becomes a challenge. The pride they had in maintaining their home and outdoor space wanes as they can no longer keep up with the demands of home ownership. They may struggle with memory deficits or have more frequent trips to the doctor’s office. Aging is not for the weary. Many older adults struggle to maintain a high quality of life as they grow older. Many family caregivers of older adults struggle with difficult decisions about the quality of life of their loved one. Fortunately, there are wonderful benefits to hiring in-home care, for both the recipient of such services, and their family. Whether you are an older adult who is struggling to maintain independence in your own home, or you are a family caregiver and you have a gut feeling that not everything’s okay with your aging loved one, here are five benefits to choosing in-home care.Elderly woman with senior caregiver

The Benefit of Staying Home

The first benefit to hiring an in-home caregiver is that your aging loved one can stay in their own, comfortable home. There really is no place like home and having to move an older adult into a senior living community can be burdensome. When an older adult moves into a senior living community, they often feel a loss of their independence. Although most senior communities try to cater to the senior’s schedule, when a caregiving team has multiple residents to care for, someone always must wait. In-home caregivers allow older adults to receive help when they need it, and in the comfort of their own home. Living in a place that is safe, familiar, and comfortable is important to most older adults, including those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia. When you hire an in-home caregiver, you empower your aging loved one to maintain their independence in an environment where they are most comfortable.

The Benefit of Peace of Mind

Hiring an in-home caregiver provides a peace of mind for all involved. Knowing that your aging loved one is receiving the help and care that they need can alleviate stress. No matter your distance to your loved one, there is nothing worse than not being able to be there when your loved one needs you. Work and family obligations pose a challenge to the family caregiver role. When you hire an in-home caregiver, suddenly there’s no need to choose between caring for your loved one and attending to your personal commitments. An in-home caregiver also gives your aging loved one peace of mind, knowing that they aren’t burdening the family. It boosts their dignity, knowing they can receive the help they need in order to remain safely and independently at home.

The Benefit of Companionship

An in-home caregiver provides companionship for your aging loved one. A caregiver is more than a housekeeper or personal assistant. A companion caregiver develops a relationship with your loved one and can alleviate loneliness in their life. Through conversations over coffee, playing games, running errands, or preparing meals together, the client/caregiver relationship blossoms into a friendship. It doesn’t take long for the caregiver to become like family, and many families have enjoyed seeing their aging loved one blossom again as their loneliness fades away.

The Benefit of Quality of Life

Managing one’s household can be burdensome for older adults, especially those that struggle with a physical or cognitive impairment. Simply keeping up with basic household tasks, such as laundry and the dishes can be a challenge for such seniors. Even completing everyday tasks such as bathing and dressing can be exhausting for seniors who are frail. Add meal planning and preparation to the mix and suddenly there’s an increased risk for them to experience a decline in their quality of life. However, when an in-home caregiver is present to assist with basic hygiene and housekeeping tasks, the older adult has more energy to focus on what brings them joy. Older adults also experience an improvement in nutrition, which leads to a higher quality of life, when the in-home caregiver assists with meal planning and preparation.

The Benefit of Unnecessary Hospital Visits

While there are occasions in which a hospital visit is necessary, some hospitalizations can be prevented. Poor nutrition, most falls at home, medication errors, and other minor injuries can be prevented. When an in-home caregiver is present to assist with bathing and dressing, the older adult at risk for falling in the shower now has someone present to help prevent that from happening. An in-home caregiver can assist with medication reminders, so that the older adult who is struggling with memory impairment is reminded to take their medications in a timely manner. An in-home caregiver isn’t the end-all solution to preventing hospitalizations, but it is a great start, especially for those older adults who struggle with mobility or memory.

Visiting Angels Punta Gorda is here for you. Our goal is for all seniors to remain safely and independently in the comfort of their own home, wherever home may be. We also strive to provide our clients’ families with peace of mind. Our compassionate caregivers are ready to form friendships with your aging loved one and assist in improving their quality of life. We are passionate about seniors and want to help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations due to a senior struggling to live independently. If you are ready to learn more about how we can assist your aging loved one, please contact us today by calling 941-347-8288 Punta Gorda or 239-226-1620 Cape Coral.

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