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Hey, Alexa: Visiting Angels Punta Gorda Launches New Angels & Alexa Program

As smart home technology continues to evolve, more and more consumers are choosing to integrate smart speakers into their daily routines. While you might think that smart speakers are just the latest technology craze for Millennials, smart home technology is more often geared towards older adults. In fact, the Baby Boomer generation is the number one consumer group in the United States today. Smart home technology is allowing more and more older adults to live safely and independently in the comfort of their own home. While smart home technology cannot replace human interaction and assistance when it comes to personal and emotional care, it can be a safety net when an older adult is left Amazon Echo Dotalone at home.

With smart speakers on the rise, Visiting Angels Punta Gorda is proud to announce our new program, Angels & Alexa. We want to be on the cutting edge of technology and caregiving in order to transform the future of caregiving. Through our partnership with Constant Companion, our Angel caregivers can quickly set up Alexa in your aging loved one’s home. Once Alexa is up and running, our caregivers can utilize Alexa to set reminders for medication or doctor appointments for your loved one. During their visit, Alexa can also be used for fun and games. Our caregivers can also teach your aging loved one how to utilize Alexa when they’re not around. Because it’s all voice activated, your aging loved one doesn’t have to be intimidated by new technology and screens that might be too glaring or require fine motor control.

When our caregivers leave at the end of their visit, Alexa is there to provide entertainment and keep your loved one engaged. Through Alexa, your loved one can listen to favorite music, relax as they listen to an audio book, or have fun playing games with Alexa. Your loved one can stay connected with friends and family by sending and receiving messages through Alexa. They can hear about current events or check the local weather too. Alexa is also good for a laugh and can provide reprieve from the silence of living alone.

Through Alexa, your loved one can receive medication reminders or reminders about upcoming doctor appointments. Again, our Angel caregivers can help set these reminders. We can also set reminders for meal preparation, notifications for television programs, or other prompts you or your aging loved one specifies.

Most importantly, Alexa is there for your aging loved one in case of an emergency, giving you peace of mind. Should your aging loved one fall or need help, they simply say, “Alexa, Call for Help,” and they will be instantly connected by two-way voice to a highly trained agent. Companion Call for Help is three times faster and 83% more reliable than medical alert pendants. Falls, sudden illnesses, and other emergencies are not predictable. Most seniors do not have their medical alert button or cell phone within reach in such circumstances, making Alexa a great solution for sudden emergencies.

In addition, your aging loved one can receive a daily check-in call from a highly trained staff member of Constant Companion, through Alexa. This call can be scheduled at a convenient time and helps make the days where a caregiver isn’t scheduled worry free. Once the call is complete, an automatic update is sent via email to the approved contacts.

Visiting Angels Punta Gorda understands that hiring a 24/7 private caregiver is costly. Through Angels & Alexa, we want to make it easier and more affordable to expand your in-home caregiver services to 24/7 with Constant Companion. We want to give our clients and their families an even greater peace of mind for when they are all alone. Enrolling in this new program and getting started with our in-home caregiver services is easy. Simply contact us today by calling 941-347-8288 Punta Gorda or 239-226-1620 Cape Coral, so that we can learn more about your situation.

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