Senior Care Advice: Home Care Services For Seniors in Reseda, CA

Sick Caregivers Equals Sick Clients

This year the dreadful flu is coming bigger and stronger. Its widespread across the nation has set a record high in 2019. What’s even worse is its severity when in contact with those who have weak immune systems such as the elderly and children. Most flu viruses are known to hospitalize and even cause death in these individuals. 

Flu Complications: 

  • sinus and ear infections 

  • pneumonia 

  • inflammation of the heart (myocarditis)

  • inflammation of the brain (encephalitis)

  • inflammation of the muscle (myositis, rhabdomyolysis)

  • multi-organ failure

 Since caregivers are usually an elderly’s first point of contact, they are the ones that possibly put their care recipient at risk of catching the virus. Therefore, we highly recommend that if a caregiver has flu-like symptoms upon arrival to work or become ill during the day, they should separate themselves from the care recipient and go home until 24 hours have passed. This will allow for the fever to hopefully reduce or improve symptoms.  

Flu symptoms do not always include a fever. In fact, individuals who have a confirmed flu but do not experience a fever are more contagious and should stay at home for at least 4-5 days after the symptoms have toned down. Usually an individual is most contagious during the first 3 days of their illness.

Getting vaccinated is one of the most important ways to prevent suffering from the flu. It is best to get vaccinated between September until the end of October the latest. It only takes two weeks to build immunity after vaccination. 

Flu Prevention Tips 

  • Get vaccinated

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize

  • Cough in your elbow

  • Smiling and laughing boosts the immune system

  • Eat Healthy 

  • Exercise 

  • Stay Home until your fever is gone for 24 hours without using fever reducing medications

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