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Codependency In Caregiver In Sacramento, CA

The word codependency is often used to rationalize remaining in a harmful situation. This can be in any walk of life, but it is especially relevant to caregivers. It may appear to be a negative way of describing the situation, but most things require context.

The real question is where the line is drawn between supportive and malicious behavior. One definition of codependency is “any harm caused by a fixation on the needs and behavior of others.

A more functional definition is necessary in order to properly identify codependency. This definition is given by Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc.: “Codependency is a tendency to behave in ways that negatively impact one’s relationship and quality of life. This behavior may be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, compliance or control patterns.

Some of the behaviors caregivers provide care are as follows:

Denial Patterns

This includes thinking of oneself as completely selfless. These individuals may also fail to recognize feelings of others or deny those feelings altogether

Low Self-Esteem Patterns

These patterns involve making decisions based on the approval of others. People with low self-esteem patterns view themselves in a negative light and don’t accept compliments or expect their needs to be met.

Compliance Patterns

Compliance patterns are very similar to low self-esteem patterns in that they center around the approval of others. People with these patterns are overly loyal to others and care more about the feelings of others than their own dignity or values.

Control Patterns

These types are patterns differ from the others in that they are far more sinister. People who show signs of these patterns try to convince people that they know what is best for them so they feel as though they are needed.

(Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence, Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc., www.CoDA.org)

The situation will dictate whether or not action is needed to maintain the balance between caregiver and recipient. This balance can make all the difference in providing proper care and keeping a healthy relationship between the two people.

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