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Elderly Assistance in Roseville and Why They May Refuse Help

provider of elderly assistance in Roseville with senior patient

When you bring up the topic of elderly assistance for a loved one in Roseville, does he or she reject the idea outright? It can be frustrating to try to support a loved one when they refuse help altogether. However, it’s important to see things from their perspective in order to find some middle ground. At Visiting Angels® Sacramento, we offer many different levels of support through our elderly assistance services in Roseville, Citrus Heights, Gold River, and nearby communities, meaning your loved one can maintain independence while receiving a helping hand.

Understanding Why Seniors Say “No” to Elderly Assistance in Roseville

Unfortunately, our culture often considers being “old” as a negative. We commonly view this stage of life as being associated with confusion, memory loss, and a lack of productivity. This stigma can reinforce seniors’ stubbornness about accepting the stages of advancing age and may make them hesitant to agree to working with a professional caregiver.

In addition, it’s all too common for adult children to feel the need to completely take over the decision-making process for their aging parents, disregarding their parents’ preferences and concerns. While you may think that you’re showing your loved one that you care by stepping up, they could resent the fact that they are being left out of important conversations about their own well-being.

Helping a Loved One Get Started with Elderly Assistance in Roseville

It’s important to act as your loved one’s partner and advocate as he or she grows older, rather than commandeering decisions about his or her care. One way to do this is to ensure that your loved one always has a choice when it comes to their future and their care. Sit down with them to discuss their needs in a neutral manner and be sensitive to their feelings.

At Visiting Angels Sacramento, we’ve designed our home care services to be flexible so that seniors in Roseville can receive the specific level of care that they need as they grow older. With gradual care that increases over time, your loved one can get used to the idea of in-home care without feeling that they are giving up their independence or changing their lifestyle.

Learn more about our flexible elderly assistance services today. Give Visiting Angels Sacramento a call to book a free care consultation in Roseville, Citrus Heights, Gold River, or a community in the surrounding areas.


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