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How Companion Care is Enhancing the Lives of Seniors

According to a recent study, almost 30% of the U.S. senior population lives alone. This percentage jumps to 50% when looking at seniors 85 years or older. One of the greatest concerns many seniors face today is becoming a burden to their family. At the same time, many seniors living alone express a strong desire to maintain independence and remain in the comfort of their own home.

Caregiver playing chess with elderly manIt’s no surprise that many seniors who live alone often face challenges, such as malnutrition, managing chronic health conditions, or facing feelings of isolation or loneliness. Seniors who live alone are at an increased risk for social isolation. This risk has only been amplified since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Social isolation or feelings of loneliness aren’t limited to seniors who live alone. Even seniors who live with a spouse or extended family can still feel isolated, lonely, or in the way.

It’s especially important that seniors stay connected and avoid social isolation. This is where a companion can enter the picture and transform a senior’s life. A companion is more than just hired help. Their role in the senior’s life extends beyond basic housekeeping and personal care tasks. Here are four ways that companion care is enhancing the lives of seniors.

Emotional & Social Support

Companions provide much needed emotional and social support, especially for seniors who live alone. While the laundry is running, a companion can sit down and play a game with the senior or encourage conversation over a cup of coffee. Companions can listen, support, and encourage seniors to stay connected with others. Sometimes a companion might be the only social interaction a senior may receive throughout the week. In our current situation, companion caregivers might be the only contact to the outside world for some seniors, as their families are choosing to keep their loved one safe by staying home. The personal link a companion caregiver provides is crucial for seniors who live alone and may be isolated from others.

Greater Health & Well-Being

Seniors who lack social interaction typically experience more health complications than those who are not socially isolated. Companion care can combat some of those chronic health conditions and even help seniors improve their overall health and well-being. Companions can help seniors plan and prepare nutritious meals so that they can easily reheat throughout the week. Right now, companion caregivers are keeping seniors healthy by assisting them with grocery pick-up or delivery, so that their client does not have to worry about being exposed to COVID-19 at the store. In addition to meal preparation, companions have a way of making fitness fun. They can escort their client on a walk around the neighborhood or lead them in a few chair exercises indoors. With a little guidance provided by companion caregivers, seniors can experience an improved quality of life.

Preserved Dignity & Safety

Companion caregivers are making a difference in the lives of seniors by helping to preserve their dignity and safety. It can be embarrassing for some seniors to ask their family for help with basic care tasks, such as toileting or bathing. Yet, these are routine tasks that are necessary. Companion caregivers can assist with basic activities of daily living and are trained to provide care in a respectful, dignified manner. They’re there to keep their client safe as well, so seniors do not need to worry about falling while taking a shower or using the bathroom.

Peace of Mind for the Family

Finally, companion caregivers are not only enhancing the lives of seniors, but they also enhance the lives of the seniors’ family members. Many family caregivers experience caregiver burnout, especially as the needs of their senior family member grow more demanding over time. Companion caregivers offer emotional support and relief to the family caregiver, coming alongside of them to share the load of caregiving. They give back the parent-child relationship, allowing family members to spend time visiting with one another, instead of attending to the laundry list of chores and care tasks. Companion caregivers offer peace of mind to the extended family, which can go a long way in letting families stay focused in the moments that aren’t spent with their senior family member.

Through our years of providing senior companion care services, Visiting Angels of Santa Clarita has had the privilege of seeing the lives of our clients and their families transformed with the supportive presence of our compassionate caregivers. We work with each of our clients to meet their personal needs, creating a schedule that fits their routine. We recognize that not every client is the same nor keeps the same hours. Our personalized care plans are flexible so as your care needs change over time, we can adapt your care plan to address your changing needs. Our companion caregivers are ready and able to start enhancing your life today. Please contact us today by calling 661-263-2273 to set up your free consultation.

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