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Companion Care Services in Santa Monica

Companion Care Services in Santa Monica

provider of companion care services in Santa Monica assisting elderly patient down stairs

About Companionship and Health

The older we get, the harder it can become to preserve physical, mental, and emotional strength. That's especially true for seniors who are socially isolated. At Visiting Angels® Santa Monica, we know that companionship and health are deeply connected for seniors. Our companion care services make it easier for clients to stay connected and get the support they need. 

Let's examine the relationship between health and social contact. 

How Companionship and Health Are Connected 

Loneliness can seem like an inevitable aspect of aging—but it really doesn't have to be. For seniors in Santa Monica, companion care services, social events, and visits from family or friends can prevent isolation. This, in turn, can improve overall health outcomes. 

Here's a few important things to keep in mind: 

  • Our brains stay active with social involvement. Our brains need stimulation and exertion to stay alert, especially as we get older. Social interaction offers huge benefits in that area. Even small talk or short conversations light up our brains, tapping into perception, focus, memory, and more. Regular companionship and conversation can help seniors maintain that alertness, even reducing the potential for dementia and similar health concerns. 
  • Interactions can be mutually beneficial. When people are struggling, it helps to have someone nearby who's kind, understanding, and empathetic. But we don't just benefit from receiving empathy—we thrive when giving it, too. It helps us feel needed and important. Having frequent companionship gives seniors a chance to get emotional support, but it also offers an opportunity for them to stay connected to others. 
  • Socialization gives us a reason to move. When we're engaging with other people, our minds aren't the only thing that's active. Social events also give us reasons to move around and stay physically energized. Even small movements, like getting up, getting dressed, or opening the door, can be vital. For seniors, that's especially true. Social interaction is a great way to get moving and stay physically active. 

Our Companion Care Services in Santa Monica 

With our agency, you can always access companion care services in: 

When you set up services, we hand-pick a care professional to look after your family member. Your loved one will always get support from the same dedicated caregiver. That way, you'll always know they're getting care from someone they know and trust. 

It's easy to set up companion care services for your loved one. Call Visiting Angels Santa Monica and we can help you get started.

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