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How Senior Care Agencies in Schererville Can Help Seniors with Hearing Loss During COVID-19

It is common for seniors to experience hearing loss as they age. In fact, one in three people between 65 and 74 years of age suffers from hearing loss. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made things even more difficult for seniors who struggle with hearing loss.

As more and more people are wearing masks and social distancing to keep themselves and others safe, seniors with hearing loss are having a harder time communicating. While it is important to follow the recommendations of our public health officials, we can also use better communication strategies for people with hearing impairments.

Our Senior Care Agency Offers Tips on How to Communicate More Effectively During COVID-19 in Schererville

Seniors with hearing impairments generally rely on watching the mouth as it moves to interpret speech. With masks in the way, it can be extremely difficult for seniors to understand what others are saying. Hearing Review published a study in which they tested the most common masks that the public has adopted and found that all of them act as sound filters. This means that these masks cause extreme speech quality degradation, making it nearly impossible for seniors with hearing problems to understand what others are saying.

Speaking Through A Mask

So, what can you do to make it easier for seniors with hearing impairments to understand you?

  • Use your body language
  • Do not shout
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Try to reduce background noises
  • Make sure you have the attention of your listener
  • Rephrase your remarks if you are not being understood
  • If your listener wears a hearing aid, make sure they are wearing it and it is working

Suggestions for Seniors

Here are a few suggestions provided by senior care agencies that can help seniors wear masks properly while avoiding communication problems:

  • Ask people to speak clearly and one at a time
  • Use fabric or plastic mask extenders to secure masks
  • Take off masks slowly and carefully to avoid disrupting hearing aids
  • Be honest about your hearing difficulties
  • Ask others to speak more slowly

Fortunately, seniors have access to many senior care agencies and resources that are designed for people who have hearing impairments.

Learn More by Contacting Visiting Angels of Schererville

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