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How Seniors and Their Family Members in Schererville, IN Can Benefit from an In Home Caregiver

At Visiting Angels of Schererville, we know that inviting a home care provider into your loved one’s home can feel nerve-wracking. Your dedication to your loved one’s health is admirable, and it is families like yours who we love working with most. The support of family members as well as the expertise of an in home caregiver is a winning combination for any senior—as well as their family.

What Are the Impacts on Family In Home Caregivers in Schererville?

Unpaid family in home caregivers experience many impacts, especially over a long period of time, that can touch physical health, emotional health, and even your family’s connectivity. Family members tend to neglect their own needs in favor of caring for their aging loved one; while the love behind that gesture is heartening, over time it means that family caregivers can be overstressed and overtaxed, lowering their own quality of life and health.

Family Caregivers Report:

  • High rates of stress and depression
  • Disruption in their professional life, or halting their career entirely
  • Lowered ability to focus on kids and other family relationships
  • Less likely to take a personal day or a vacation
  • Higher rates of injury than the general population
  • General exhaustion and a lowered quality of life
  • Caregiver burnout, now a distinct diagnosis from doctors and psychologists, that can impact all parts of life

How Can You Prevent This from Happening?

If you help to provide for the health and comfort of an aging loved one, take this moment to look at how you balance all the priorities in your life. When was the last time you went to the dentist or doctor? Have you been able to take a personal day or any rest time in the last several weeks? Have your sleeping or eating habits changed? Are you feeling sad, lonely, or run-down? Has your professional life been impacted, such as tardy arrivals or unplanned days off? Visiting Angels of Schererville can provide immediate help. We offer customizable elder care plans that can suit your loved one’s unique care needs, while also meeting your schedule and budget.

As you started to care for your loved one, you probably helped with the most evident needs—getting to doctor’s appointments, making sure there’s food in the fridge, or helping out with chores around the house. As your loved one ages, they are likely to need focused assistance from an experienced in home caregiver who understands best practices in senior care. That means help with mobility, personal care like toileting and bathing, guidance for maintaining a safe and comfortable home as your loved one’s health changes, and more.

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