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Why Seniors in Schererville, IN Prefer Elderly Home Care Services to Assisted Living

A short while ago, we talked about the differences between living assistance and assisted living. While both choices come with benefits, you may be surprised to know that most seniors prefer living assistance – according to a recent AARP survey. As it allows them to age in place at home, these elderly home care services provide several features that seniors simply do not get at a nursing facility.

Why do so many older adults choose living assistance over assisted living? At Visiting Angels of Schererville, we have determined the top seven reasons why our clients prefer our elderly home care services instead of opting for a nursing home.

7 Reasons Seniors in Schererville Prefer Elderly Home Care Services

#1. Affordable Care

Every year, families spend tens of thousands of dollars for their loved one to live in a nursing home. If they need intensive or 24-hour-a-day care, the cost is typically less than in-home assistance. However, for those who do not need continuous care, they can save money if they choose to age in place with in home care services.

#2. Caregiver Relationships

At a nursing home, care is given by whichever provider is scheduled that day. However, with in home care, seniors can select their own caregiver, thereby allowing them a say in who cares for them. In doing so, this allows for relationships to be built, not to mention an increase in trust, with a more personalized approach to senior care.

#3. Greater Independence

With elderly home care services, seniors get a higher degree of independence, with the assistance of an experienced caregiver. Additionally, this autonomy is combined with a greater sense of privacy – something you do not easily come by in a nursing facility.

#4. Health Outcomes

Did you know that seniors who enlist in home care often live longer than individuals who live in assisted living facilities? Several studies have noted this great life expectancy, along with fewer health challenges.

#5. Personal Routines

A major change in routine happens when a senior moves into an assisted living environment. In fact, they need to get used to a completely different activity and meal schedule, as well as other things regulated by the administration in charge.

#6. Familiar Surroundings

As well as getting to know their new home, seniors also need to get to know the new neighborhood. Unfortunately, this can feel overwhelming for individuals who have lived in their homes for decades. But, with home care, older adults do not need to leave their home and completely change their lives. 

#7. Home Sweet Home

Nothing beats in home elderly care services when all you want to do is stay within the comforting walls of your home, safe and sound. But, aging in place does not just grant you these things, it also gives peace-of-mind and a much higher degree of happiness.

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