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Essential Personal Home Care in St. George: When and How To Help Your Loved One Thrive

provider of essential personal home care in St. George standing with elderly patient

At Visiting Angels® St. George, we work with seniors throughout Cedar City, Washington, Hurricane, and the surrounding area to provide all kinds of essential personal home care. We know that, for many families, senior care can be seen as a sign that your family member will inevitably continue to decline. 

But it's not always as straightforward as that. The truth is, essential personal home care can often help to lessen some impacts and difficulties of age-related concerns. Our caregivers in St. George help seniors thrive within the familiarity and comfort of the surroundings they love.

We can help your loved one connect with friends or family, either in-person or online. We can make sure they're eating regularly, and having meals that give them energy. We can even provide support when they want to pursue favorite activities, so they can make the most of these years. 

When Should You Look For Essential Personal Home Care in St. George?

There's not always an obvious point when it becomes clear that your loved one may need home care. That's especially true if you live far away from home, if your family member isn't aware they need support, or if they're trying to minimize their difficulties. Visiting Angels St. George recommends a few things to look out for: 

  • Mood changes. When you speak to your loved one on the phone, you may notice they experience mood swings more frequently, or behavior that's otherwise unusual and erratic. 
  • Appearance change. Next time you visit (or even when you video-chat), try to see if there's a change in their appearance. Do they look like they're losing a lot of weight? Do they have a disheveled appearance?
  • Household clutter. Are there signs they are having difficulty keeping their home in order? This may show up in strange smells, dishes piled up in the sink or counters, expired food, or visible clutter around the house.  

Remember, when you discuss these changes with your loved one, they may be experiencing feelings of shame, fear, anxiety, or even anger. It may be as difficult of a conversation for them as it is for you. Give them time to process feelings and make sure they feel like they're being listened to and supported. 

If you think your loved one may need essential personal home care, Visiting Angels St. George can help. Call us today to learn about our care options or to schedule an in-home assessment. 

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