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Senior Fall Prevention

Serving Spokane, Spokane Valley and the Surrounding Areas

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Senior Fall Prevention

Falling or slipping at home can cause serious damage to elderly adults. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, adults 65 and older have a 25% or more chance of falling and injuring themselves. Elderly fall prevention, especially at home, is the key to reducing the chance of having a loved one injure themselves.

What Is Fall Prevention?

Fall prevention is classified as taking precautions to avoid slipping, tumbling, or falling that can cause serious injury. The more prepared your older loved one's home is, the more they can reduce falling injuries.

With some adjustments to the home, the help of developing balance, and our compassionate caregivers, you can help prevent your loved ones from getting a hip fracture or other bone fractures. Fall prevention techniques help ensure your loved ones can stay at home in a safe environment.

Whether you do trip and fall prevention work yourself or hire someone to help, these strategies will prevent tripping, slipping, and falling in your family member's home:

Stay Physically Active

Walking and regular exercise improves balance and strength.

Clean Up Clutter

Clutter is a major factor in falls and one of the easiest to remedy. Keep magazines, shoes, clothes, and unused dishes in the proper place.

Repair Or Remove Tripping Hazards

Make sure all carpets are secured to the floor, and remove throw rugs, misplaced electrical cords, pet bowls and bedding, and unnecessary furniture from walkways.

Install Grab Bars and Handrails

Have handrails installed on any stairways, and make sure the shower, bathtub, and toilet have secure grab bars. Elevate the toilet seat.

Install Proper Lighting

Have an electrician install high-quality lighting with accessible light switches at the end of hallways and the top and bottom of stairs. Leave a nightlight on in the bathroom.

Use No-Slip Flooring

If possible, replace slippery floor surfaces, such as smooth tile or hardwood floors, or add nonslip mats or strips to the flooring.

Avoid Stairs In The House

A single-level home is easier to navigate than one with stairs.

Wear Proper-Fitting Shoes

Ill-fitting shoes can cause the person to lose their balance or trip and fall.

Proper Medication

Certain medications or lack of medications may make the person dizzy, which can cause them to fall.

What Are The 4 P's Of Fall Prevention?

As part of your fall prevention strategy, we have our Visiting Angels caregivers implement the 4 Ps of fall prevention.


They'll ask your family member if they are in any pain. A person in pain may try to get up and move and inadvertently fall.


Caregivers will ensure your loved one is in a comfortable position, and if they aren't, the Visiting Angel caregiver will help them get comfortable.


Your caregiver will make sure the person has what they need close by so they don't have to get up to access them. Items may include glasses, water, reading material, a cell phone, and a television remote control.

Personal Needs

A caregiver will ask your family member if they need anything to eat or drink, if they need to use the restroom, or if they need anything to make them comfortable.

What Are Fall Prevention Exercises?

Before beginning an exercise program to help with fall prevention, consult with your local Spokane doctor about the best and safest exercises for you. If approved, these exercises, performed under the supervision of our Visiting Angels caregivers, can help increase strength, flexibility, and mobility:

Weight shifting:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and shift your weight from side to side.

One-legged balancing:

Start with your feet hip-width apart and lift one leg. Hold the position, put it down, and repeat with the other leg.

Heel-toe walk:

Place the toe of one leg behind the heel of the other and walk forward placing the other heel in front of the toe. Keep your arms out for balance.

Leg raises:

Lie flat on the floor with a mat. Bend one knee and raise the opposite straight leg to the level of the bent knee. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Foot taps:

In a seated position, stretch your legs in front of you, keeping your heels on the ground. Alternate pointing and flexing your toes and tapping them on the ground.

Head rotations:

Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Turn your head to the right, the left, upwards, and downwards. Hold each position for about 10 seconds.

Standing marches:

Place both feet flat on the floor and lift one leg, lower it, then lift the other leg and lower it, like you're marching.


Sit in a chair that won't move or slide. Without using your hands, engage your lower body muscles to stand upright; then sit back down and repeat.

Daily walks:

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. If you can, go outside to get fresh air and sunshine while getting your daily walk.

Does Insurance Cover End-of-Life Care?

Visiting Angels Spokane is an in-home care agency that does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. However, we accept private pay, long-term insurance, and veterans assistance.


The government offers a hospice benefit under the Medicaid program. This service is for terminally ill people.


Medicare also offers hospice care benefits where care is given at home. This is comfort care for loved ones with a terminal illness.

Veterans Assistance

VA offers home-based primary care as well as homemaker and home health aide services for eligible veterans. Home-Based provides comprehensive primary care services for veterans with complex medical needs who are homebound, while Health Aide services offer assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation.

Why Is Fall Prevention Important?

Falls are the top cause of injury and even death in the older population. Using the mentioned strategies can help ensure your loved one can move around the house safely and comfortably. There are many reasons an older person may fall, including:

Decreased strength.

Poor condition.

Limited mobility.

Hearing loss.

Stiff or painful joints.

Health Complications.

Cognitive Disorders such as Dementia.

Taking multiple medications.

How Visiting Angels Helps With Fall Prevention Around Spokane

Our professional, compassionate caregivers can give family members peace of mind their loved ones are cared for in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. When you contact our Spokane Visiting Angels office, one of our friendly coordinators will set up a free consultation at your family member's home. We'll then build a home care plan based on the individual needs. Whether you need fall prevention care, dementia care, or transitional care in the Spokane, WA, area, Visiting Angels is here to help ensure your loved ones can stay at home in safe living conditions.

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Serving Spokane, Spokane Valley and the Surrounding Areas

Visiting Angels SPOKANE VALLEY, WA
708 N Argonne Rd #8A
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
Phone: 509-922-1141