Elder Care For Your Loved One

Elder Care in Springfield Missouri For Your Loved OneElder care services benefit seniors as they allow the individual to remain in their home for a longer period of time as they start to require additional help.

Some individuals are hesitant to take advantage of services of this type, as they believe it will restrict their independence and freedom, yet nothing is further from the truth. With the help of a caregiver, families find they get some much-needed rest. Caring for a loved one is something many family members wish to do. However, the time spent taking care of this individual can be overwhelming, and the caregiver may find they are exhausted or stressed. This can be true even when the duties are being shared by multiple people.

Caregivers need time away, not only to have a break, but also to handle their own affairs. In this situation, respite care becomes of great assistance. This type of care allows the caregiver to get a break for a predetermined period. The trained caregiver comes in to take over the routine duties normally handled by the family members, allowing them the space needed to take on other tasks or recharge.

How Can Respite Care Benefit Your Family?

First and foremost, the family members helping to care for the senior determine when this break is to be taken and how long it will last. This differs by family, thus there is no specific time frame required by Visiting Angels for respite care. Some people simply want an afternoon away with friends, while others use respite care when they have a work function to attend.

Our caregiver comes in and takes over these duties, so the family member can relax and not worry about their loved one. In those situations where a caregiver is needed for a longer time, such as when a family will be traveling and cannot care for their loved one, Visiting Angels can be of assistance also.

The senior benefits also, as they won’t be removed from their familiar surroundings. They can remain in the home and keep their regular routine. For many elderly individuals, this is of great importance. In the past, families would need to send their loved one to a nursing home or other facility where they would need to compete for the attention of staff members. A Visiting Angels caregiver has only one person to focus on, the client. This one-on-one interaction is very helpful to seniors.

The care provided by Visiting Angels in-home caregivers goes above and beyond the basics. While our caregivers can handles basic tasks such as helping your senior with daily grooming, we can also do so much more. Our caregiver visits with your senior and provides support. In fact, in many situations a senior will find it easier to share with our caregivers, as they don’t want to burden their family with problems they are experiencing or concerns they may have. Our in-home caregiver considers the many needs of the patient and adjusts their care to meet those needs.

Elder care, also referred to as respite care, is a solution every family needs to consider when they must be away from their loved one. Before bringing in a caregiver, however, families should discuss doing so with their loved one. Surprises often aren’t appreciated, and the goal of Visiting Angels is to make sure the client is comfortable. Having this conversation beforehand helps to ensure this is the case.

Visiting Angels is one of the most trusted elder care service providers in Springfield Missouri. Contact our office to discuss your loved one’s needs, so we can begin the process of determining if we are a good fit for your senior and the entire family.

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