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Alzheimer's Care in Annandale: When is it Time?

Provider of Alzheimer's care in Annandale with elderly patient

When your loved one starts to experience cognitive decline, it isn't always easy to tell which changes are temporary or permanent, or how much they can impact overall health and safety. At Visiting Angels® Springfield VA, we provide Alzheimer's care for families in Annandale, as well as guidance about how to determine if and when their loved one needs professional care at home.

Spotting Signs That Your Loved One in Annandale Needs Alzheimer's Care

To help you determine the best choices for your loved one, we've put together some physical signs and behaviors that merit a call to a local Alzheimer's care provider in Annandale. These signs and behaviors include:

  • Wandering off - If your loved one is forgetting things like where they live or where they were going, there is a risk that they may walk out the front door, or walk away while you're out grocery shopping together. Needless to say this is a very concerning behavior, and it could mean that your relative needs more supervision to make sure they're safe.
  • Missing appointments or forgetting their medication - Your loved one may be neglecting their health in ways they don't intend to by forgetting important appointments with their doctor or losing track of what medications they take and when. An Alzheimer's care professional from Visiting Angels Springfield VA can provide medication reminders for your loved one in Annandale and help them manage their appointments too.
  • Losing a lot of weight - If your relative has lost a lot of weight since the last time you saw them, there's a chance that they aren't eating regularly or getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy. If you visit them at home, you may notice a lack of fresh food in the kitchen, which could also be a cause for concern. A care professional can assist with tasks like grocery shopping and meal preparation to make sure your relative has access to fresh and nutritious food.

Get Started With Our Alzheimer's Care in the Annandale Area

These are just a few concerning signs that you can look out for, but make sure you also pay attention to your instincts. If you already feel overwhelmed with the level of care you currently provide for your relative, or just have a feeling they're not coping as well as you thought, that's enough cause to call a local Alzheimer's care provider to learn more about your options in Annandale.

To schedule a free in-home consultation or learn more about our Alzheimer's care in Annandale, Burke, and Springfield, call Visiting Angels Springfield VA today.

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