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Caregiver Services in Burke Help Keep Seniors Active

Provider of caregiver services in Burke with elderly patient

Cold winter weather can make it challenging for seniors to stay active, but keeping busy is essential for happiness and good health. If a loved one lives in the Burke area and is having a hard time staying active, call on Visiting Angels® Springfield VA for caregiver services.

Our caregiver services offer seniors in Springfield, VA, Annandale, Burke, and the surrounding areas the companionship and support they need to stay social and active year-round.   

3 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Active This Winter

Shorter days, longer nights, and colder weather can make it tempting to curl up on the couch and hibernate until spring. But staying active is important year-round. Not only can activity help a loved one stay physically fit, but can also reduce the risk of loneliness and depression.

Help a loved one stay active and healthy this winter with activities that can engage the mind, provide physical exercise, and offer the opportunity for socializing. Here are three ways to get started:

  1. Physical activity - Many community centers offer senior fitness classes combining exercise with the added benefit of social interaction. Yoga, swimming, and tai chi are all popular classes that can be enjoyed at any age. Taking a walk on sunny days can be equally effective, and can be enjoyed alone or with the company of a friend.

  2. Brain boosters -  Activities that stimulate the brain are equally important. Card games, brain teasers, and puzzles are effective, even reading the newspaper or a good book can help keep a loved one mentally energized.

  3. Social engagements - Sitting around the house can dampen anyone’s mood. Schedule a weekly lunch or dinner date with a loved one, and look for community events and activities that can get them involved with meeting new people, including classes, events, and performances.

How Caregiver Services in Burke Can Help

Helping a loved one in Burke stay active can be difficult if they no longer drive, have limited mobility, or are experiencing physical or mental changes. That’s where caregiver services from Visiting Angels Springfield VA can help.

At Visiting Angels Springfield VA, we offer a large range of caregivers services that help seniors in Burke stay active and socially engaged. If a loved one no longer drives, our caregivers can provide transportation and walking assistance. They can also help with personal care needs, including bathing, dressing, and grooming, giving your loved one the confidence they need to stay social.

Whether a loved one would benefit from active conversation and companionship, transportation to events and activities in Burke, or help with mobility in and around their home, caregiver services from Visiting Angels Springfield VA are the answer.

Ready to learn how caregiver services could help a loved one in Burke or the surrounding areas? Call Visiting Angels Springfield VA today to schedule your free home consultation.

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