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Companion Care in Annandale: How We Can Help Your Parents Take Care of Each Other

Provider of companion care in Annandale hugging elderly patient

Years ago, your parents stood before family and friends and vowed to care for each other in sickness and in health. They’ve seen each other through thick and thin, and now they’re ready to support each other as they age. Why would they need the help of the companion care services available in the Annandale, VA area?

At Visiting Angels® Springfield VA, we understand that your parents in Annandale might be hesitant to rely on companion care services. They may be worried about losing their independence, and they may see relying on a caregiver as a failure in their own abilities. The long-term and consistent care needed by an aging spouse, however, can leave a primary caregiver exhausted, isolated, and overwhelmed. This can especially be the case when the primary caregiver is also facing age-related challenges and difficulties.

If mom is afraid to leave dad, she may be unintentionally isolating herself from family and friends. If dad is left to take on all the household duties while caring for mom full time, he may be neglecting his own needs for sleep, exercise, and healthy eating while trying to keep up.

How Companion Care in Annandale Can Help

The companion care services we offer to seniors in the Annandale area aren’t meant to replace the love and attention provided by a spousal caregiver. We understand the special bond couples share, and our services are designed to complement spousal care without overstepping a spouse’s important role as primary caregiver.

By customizing our companion care services at Visiting Angels Springfield VA to meet the exact needs of your parents in the Annandale area, we can help fill in the gaps in care. We can provide help around the house so dad has more time and energy to take care of mom. We can offer temporary and respite care as needed so that mom has a chance to run errands, attend appointments, and visit with friends.

No matter the care needs of your parents in the Annandale, VA area, our companion care services will help them both stay healthy and content. This way they’ll be able to maintain a high quality of life at home where they are most comfortable.

Call Visiting Angels Springfield VA today to learn more about how our companion care services can help your parents in Annandale, Burke, Springfield VA, or the surrounding communities. 


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