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Dementia Care in Springfield VA: Early Signs of Dementia

The thought of a valued parent or loved one facing a memory disorder can be terrifying. You might even find yourself tempted to ignore early warning signs of dementia rather than address changes in your loved one’s ability and behavior. Ignoring these issues, though, won’t make them go away. Detecting a memory disorder early can help your loved one and get the most out of the dementia care available at Visiting Angels® Springfield VA, and can give you and your family time to plan for the future.

To help you make sure your loved one in the Springfield, VA area receives the dementia care they need when it’s most beneficial to them, Visiting Angels Springfield VA has created a list of early warning signs of dementia.

Common Signs of Dementia

While the signs and symptoms of dementia vary, some of the most common signs of a memory disorder include:

provider of dementia care in Springfield VA sitting with elderly man
  • Memory Loss. A person with dementia might begin to forget things more quickly, especially with regards to recent events.
  • Difficulty with Everyday Tasks. Your loved one might begin to have trouble with everyday tasks they used to take for granted. They might get distracted while cleaning, or forget to serve part of a meal.
  • Problems with Language. A person with dementia might forget simple words in a sentence, or else substitute the wrong word without noticing. They may also have difficulties understanding others.
  • Disorientation. Dementia can leave a person feeling disoriented, even in a familiar place. Your loved one might seem confused about where they are, or else think they are in a different time or place.
  • Changes in Mood or Behavior. Someone with dementia can have rapid mood swings, seemingly without reason. They may seem confused or withdrawn, and may be paranoid or suspicious.
  • Poor Spatial Sense. Your loved one might have a hard time judging distances or determining colors and contrasts.

Compassionate Dementia Care in Springfield, VA

If your loved one in Springfield, VA, Annandale, Burke, or the surrounding areas has recently been diagnosed with a memory disorder, the dementia care services we offer at Visiting Angels Springfield VA can help. We provide dementia care services tailored to the specific care needs of each of our clients in the Springfield, VA area. These services include monitoring, support, and companionship for seniors, as well as respite for family caregivers.

To learn more about our dementia care services, call Visiting Angels Springfield VA today.

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