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Elderly Assistance in Burke and Why They May Refuse Help

Provider of elderly assistance in Burke with elderly patient

If you're concerned about the welfare of a parent or grandparent living in Burke, you may have already begun considering elderly assistance from Visiting Angels® Springfield VA. You may also have avoided broaching the subject because you were worried that your loved one would refuse help. 

Seniors often fear that accepting help means sacrificing their independence. By helping your loved one in Burke to understand that they can receive help won't cost them their dignity, you can help to guide your conversations gently towards a conclusion that could benefit you both. 

Talking to Your Loved One About Elderly Assistance in Burke

Often, just starting a conversation with your loved one in Burke about elderly assistance can be daunting. It's also not uncommon to get frustrated when met with opposition which you may feel is baseless. It's important to exercise patience and come prepared to explain the assistance options available in Burke in order to make sure that your conversation is a productive one.

Some things to remember when talking to your loved one about home care include:

  • Don't rush it - it may take more than one conversation
  • Your loved one's fears are real to them - how can you address them?
  • Make sure you convey your concerns to them from a caring perspective
  • Try to take a tone that feels loving and not like a lecture
  • Whenever possible, find a way to meet them in the middle

This last point is a tricky one. Of course you can't make concessions when it comes to your loved one's safety and care, however, it is often possible to let them make decisions related to the assistance they receive in terms of scheduling preferences and favorite activities. Meeting them halfway can go a long way towards making it easier for them to accept elderly assistance in Burke. 

Elderly Assistance in Burke Tailor-Made for Seniors

At Visiting Angels Springfield VA, we understand that it can be hard for seniors to accept help. That's why we provide an array of flexible home care services in Burke that can be adjusted to meet each individual's unique needs. By allowing your loved one to stay in the driver's seat when it comes to their care, you can help them to feel better about receiving it. 

You can learn more about all the elderly assistance we offer in Burke by calling Visiting Angels Springfield VA to request a free, in-home consultation today. 

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