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Elderly Care in Springfield VA: Why Clutter is a Sign It's Time for a Caregiver

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When it comes to elderly care from Visiting Angels® Springfield VA, it may not always be clear when you or a loved one needs the support of a professional caregiver. Physical and cognitive decline are natural parts of getting older, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept them or to reach out to a loved one for help. It can sometimes require a bit of snooping to figure out if Mom or Dad are having any trouble at home. To help ensure that seniors in Springfield enjoy the highest quality of life at home, we want to help you sniff out signs that something isn't right.

Why You Should Look Out for Clutter

The first reason you should be on the look out for clutter in a parent's home is that it can actually be dangerous. Slipping and falling can be embarrassing when you're younger, but for seniors, it can lead to serious injuries. If the floor is covered with clutter that shouldn't be there, your family member may be more likely to stumble and potentially hurt themselves — especially if their eyesight is getting worse as well.

However, clutter can be more than just a physical obstacle. It can also be a symptom of more complex concerns that require elderly care from a professional caregiver from Visiting Angels Springfield VA. These concerns include:

  • Pain and mobility issues - We all experience more aches and pains over the years. When arthritis or bone or muscle loss start to occur, these pains can go from something to complain about to something that actively prevents someone from taking care of their homes and themselves properly. 
  • Forgetfulness and lack of focus - It's easy to lose track of plans now and then, or to let certain memories fade away over time, but if a senior you love is consistently forgetting parts of their daily routine, they could be experiencing cognitive decline. 
  • Depression - As we get older, our bodies make less serotonin, which is the chemical that makes us feel happy. This, as well as other aspects of aging like losing friends, feeling isolated because of mobility issues, or simply feeling understimulated, can put seniors at a greater risk of depression. 

How Elderly Care Professionals From Visiting Angels Springfield VA Can Help

From help with the dishes to a bit of regular comfort and companionship, elderly care professionals can support local seniors in countless ways.

Call Visiting Angels Springfield VA today to learn about our elderly care services in Springfield VA, Burke, and Annandale.

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