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Is Your Loved One In Annandale At Risk Without Elderly Care Services?

Provider of elderly care services in Annandale with elderly patient

If you have an elderly relative or family friend living alone in Annandale, chances are that you sometimes worry about their safety, particularly if they don't already have the support of elderly care services. The hazards present in their own homes like stairs, slippery floors, or low furniture can create daily obstacles for them which, if not avoided, can lead to serious injuries. If your loved one isn't receiving care services from Visiting Angels® Springfield VA, it may be time to weigh the risks and consider whether it may be time to get them more support. 

The Dangers Facing Annandale Area Seniors At Home Without Elderly Care Services

So just what kind of risks do seniors without elderly care services face and what are the repercussions? 

Some of the ways a senior can suffer as a result of an in-home accident in Annandale include: 

Physically - The damage done to a senior's physical health after a fall can be severe and can result in permanent disability or, for 20% of all older adults, death. 

Emotionally - Falling at home can leave a senior fearful of falling again, leading them to reduce their level of physical activity. This causes them to grow weaker and increases the likelihood that they will fall again. 

Financially - A prolonged hospital stay can be extremely expensive for a senior in Annandale who may be living on a limited income. The medications and aftercare required may be costly as well, which is why prevention with elderly care services from Visiting Angels Springfield VA is the better and more cost-effective option. 

Long-term - Due to the numerous physical, emotional, and financial factors that can be exacerbated by an injury, Annandale area seniors who slip and fall are often forced to leave their homes and enter care facilities which are often in direct conflict with their wishes. 

How Elderly Care Services Prevent Accidents in Annandale

At Visiting Angels Springfield VA, we offer elderly care services that are specifically geared toward helping seniors avoid accidents at home in Annandale with our slip and fall prevention program. Our local caregivers can provide monitoring, mobility support, and more to help your loved one safely move around inside and outside of their home. You'll rest easier knowing that your loved one is in capable, compassionate hands and safe from harm within their home.

Call Visiting Angels Springfield VA at our Annandale office to book an in-home consultation on our elderly care services completely free of charge. 

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