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Our Caregiver Agency in Burke: How We Can Support Family Caregivers

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When you're in charge of the care and well-being of an aging family member, a lot of other priorities fall away. At our caregiver agency in Burke, we've seen this happen often. It's hard to prioritize friends, work, and other areas of your life when you're managing the complex and ongoing needs of another person. 

As a primary caregiver, it's all too common to feel guilty when you take time off, or to fret about your loved one when you're working. But these things can build up and start to feel unmanageable. Having proper support systems in place to help you manage your role as a caregiver is absolutely essential to making sure you can provide care while looking after yourself, too. 

How Our Caregiver Agency in Burke Can Make An Impact

At Visiting Angels® Springfield VA, we offer all kinds of care and help to seniors, people with disabilities, and their families. That includes providing support to family caregivers like you. 

Caregiver stress and burnout are two extremely frequent health concerns that crop up when a family member is taking care of a loved one. It's so easy to ignore your own needs and neglect your own health in favor of providing for your loved one. But these can take a tremendous toll on your own health as well as the health of your family member. It can also strain your relationship with them, making it difficult to deliver the kind of care they need. 

It's important to remember that family caregiving doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. With our caregiver agency in Burke, you can get support on a short-term or temporary basis. The same professional caregiver will always work with your loved one, to bring continuity and consistency to their lives. We offer all kinds of support options so that you have help on your terms—and on your loved one's terms, too. 

How To Reduce Stress and Find Balance in Your Life With a Caregiver Agency in Burke

In addition to support from our caregiver agency in Burke, here are a couple of other ways to reduce stress in your life: 

  • Set aside your own time. Try to find at least a few hours (or even more) per week away from your loved one, so you can relax, recharge, and be ready to help again. 
  • Let people know. Tell your boss, your friends, and other important individuals what's going on, so they can help you find balance in your life.  

Ask about the home care services our caregiver agency offers in Burke, Annandale, and Springfield VA. Call Visiting Angels Springfield VA to speak to our team. 

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