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Struggling with Angry Outbursts from A Loved One with Alzheimer’s? Access Alzheimer’s Care from Visiting Angels of St. Peters Today

How to Deal with Outbursts with Alzheimer's Services in Bangor

At Visiting Angels of St. Peter’s, we have helped hundreds of families who are working hard to care for the needs of aging loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Since Alzheimer’s and dementia have a profound impact on the brain, these diseases can affect a variety of aspects of a person’s life such as personality, mood, and temperament. This can make it difficult for family members to handle newly heightened emotions or unexpected outbursts from loved ones. Alzheimer’s care through Visiting Angels can help your family manage your loved one’s needs and symptoms in the safety and comfort of their own home.

How We Can Help

Visiting Angels of St. Peter’s can match your loved one with an experienced, qualified caregiver who understands the best practices in Alzheimer’s care and the best ways to help improve their quality of life. Our caregivers will work with you and your family to create a care plan and a daily schedule that will meet your loved one’s unique needs, along with accommodating their habits and preferences, as well. Maintaining a daily routine is key to helping your loved one feel comfortable every day.

As part of your Alzheimer’s care program, your caregiver will work with you to make sure that your loved one’s home environment is safe. This might mean adjusting the furniture layout to increase mobility or access and, for clients with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it means reducing clutter in each room. Clutter, along with loud or sudden noises, strong scents, or a messy environment all increase the number of stimuli that your loved one experiences in their home environment. It is easy for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia to become overly stimulated, resulting in confusion or anger.

What to Do When There’s an Emotional Outburst

When your loved one suffers from anger or emotional outbursts, it is important to remember that those emotions are symptoms of a disease and does not mean that your loved one has become an angry or unloving person.

Here are some tips to help calm down your loved one:

  • Reduce the stimuli around them
  • Stay gentle and grounded throughout the interaction
  • Try and remove whatever is upsetting your loved one from the situation
  • Maintain a calm tone of voice

Contact Us

Alzheimer’s and dementia diagnoses no longer mean that your loved one must move into a live-in facility for dementia care. Alzheimer’s care through Visiting Angels can help your loved one remain at home where they feel safe and comfortable. Call Visiting Angels of St. Peter’s to learn more about our Alzheimer’s care and how we can help your loved one feel safe and comfortable in their own home.

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