Visiting Angels Summerville, SC Reviews

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"Visiting Angels is dependable and overall satisfactory. The caregivers encourage mom to change and take showers. They take her shopping as well and help get through therapy and do exercises and they listen to her. They have a lot of patience with her. The caregivers are always on time and are thorough in their work. The office staff covered full-time when my mother passed away, they were willing to help in straining circumstances. The office staff gave perfect matches for mom. "

- Melinda B.


"Visiting Angels is a good agency because they're helpful, very pleasant, caring, and they just want to make you happy. The services have made my life easier because I can't drive right now, so my caregiver has helped with transportation. The caregiver is my source to outside world. Her work ethic is good because she's concerned about making me happy, and she does everything that's required to make sure that I'm not doing anything wrong. She helps me with my hair, and my hair is my pride and joy. Before we leave to go somewhere, she makes sure that I have my phone. She just oversees my home. My caregiver is a good match for me because we're both full of life, we communicate well, we love the same music, she's very caring, and she tries to look for things that I enjoy. "

- Joyce M.


"You have to love what you do to work at Visiting Angels. I chose to work for Visiting Angels because I really like them. I comfort my client and I can relate to everything they are going through. I try to be helpful. The management is open to suggestions and does well with giving me feedback."

- Caregiving Angel


"Visiting Angels did a great job, and they are reliable. It was wonderful having the caregivers here. They were able to take my husband to church and run errands around town. The caregivers were able to watch him and keep him company while I was out. My caregiver went above and beyond the call of duty- she would clean a lot of things we never asked her to. She has the ability to work with my husband and he looks up to her. "

- Janice B.


"I would tell someone that Visiting Angels gives you a peace of mind. It helps you to feel that your loved one is being cared for and safe. Mentally, my mother's caregivers help her have a peace of mind, and they physically help her by doing chores around the house. My mother's caregivers are prompt and on time. They care about their job and they care about my mom. The caregivers call me to give me updates, which is very professional. "

- Jason F.


"I would recommend Visiting Angels. I would tell someone that they are really good providers of service. The caregiver helps cook, helps me pay bills, and helps me do light housekeeping. She will make sure that the necessities that we need done are done. My caregiver and I are around the same age, she is mature and knows about a variety of things that I know about. The office staff keeps me on track with the schedules. "

- Marsha J.


"Visiting Angels was referred to me by someone because of how they treat their employees. Visiting Angels treats their employees well, and it is a good job to get to know people. Their training was beneficial because it was not rushed and it felt very open when I had questions. Visiting Angels lets me know what is expected through the summary on their website. My supervisors will call and talk to me about the client. Visiting Angels texts me to make sure I am doing well and they ask me what my opinions are. They let me know when my clients like what I am doing. Visiting Angels matches me well because they match me according to personality. My clients have common interests and they are aware of my preferences. "

- Caregiving Angel


"Visiting Angels' caregivers are always on time and dress appropriately for the job. Visiting Angels has made my life easier by giving me my medication on time, maintain the house work and go to the grocery store with me. The caregivers show they care because they ask how I am feeling when they come in, and when they leave, they see if I need anything. The caregivers are a good match for me because they are easy to get along with. "

- Robert H.


"The caregiver Visiting Angels provided was always on time and helped a great deal. Having a caregiver from Visiting Angels made life easier for my mother to go through her daily routine. Our caregiver was good with my father and was able to work with him as well. Our caregiver was great with helping my father bathe, shave, and clean. The caregiver showed that they cared by always talking to my dad and making sure he got what he needed. The office and I communicated really well. My mom really liked her. The caregiver made sure my dad was doing what we really like for him to be doing. "

- Tita M


"Visiting Angels was very helpful with my wife, and they made her feel very comfortable. The caregivers were great, and they sat with my wife when I couldn't be there with her. The caregivers had a good friendship with my wife and treated her very well. "

- Larry S.


"I would tell a friend that Visiting Angels does their job. Visiting Angels has made life easier so that I don't have to worry about my father during the day. The caregiver shows good work ethic by feeding my dad and by giving him his medicine, when he will take it. The caregiver does light housekeeping and laundry too. The caregiver shows compassion when my dad gets upset by being able to calm him down. "

- Joanna P.


"I chose Visiting Angels as they had a good reputation. The services have a tremendous impact on my life as I do not have to worry about different things. The caregivers handle everything compared to the last agency that I worked with. The caregivers are making sure that my loved one is taking her medication and that she is getting something to eat throughout the day. I think that the caregivers are understanding and they tolerate my aunt very well. The office does everything, they handle everything for me. The office is exceptional, they are nothing like the last agency where I would have to cover for the caregivers. Visiting Angels is responsible and caring. "

- Susan W.

Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Living Assistance Services Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Visiting Angels franchised agency.