Caregiver Reviews & Testimonials

It was perfect because you learn more about how to take care of the residents. It shows you what you are supposed to do.
- Adalaide J., January 2020

It has helped me to be a better caregiver, and it helps me correct mistakes I make.
- Lisa B., February 2020

She explained steps from the beginning to the end. It is very simple but easy to understand. She answered all questions. She has patience.
- Winfred C., February 2020

The videos were excellent and the training was great.
- Jacqueline H., April 2020

They are pretty good about doing that. If I have a question I can call and they walk me through it. They are always available.
- Mariah J., April 2020

Brittany makes sure that we know it all and that it is clear.
- Guadalupe G., June 2019

I liked that the interview itself went really well, and I could feel the compassion of the person that was interviewing me.
- Lisa B., July 2019

The training covers everything. It helps me feel more prepared.
- Maria T., September 2019

I liked how they spoke to us and explained everything. It wasn't rushed, and I understood everything. Sometimes when you're foreign, it's nice to hear someone that speaks slowly.
- Beauty C., October 2019

It's up-to-date and current information. It is very pertinent to the job I do as a caregiver. It is also available online.
- Carol M., October 2019

They give you as much training as you would like to receive.
- Hannah T., November 2019

It gives me more confidence for the next time I do the same type of procedure. I pick up on new things I have learned.
- Centa U., December 2019

The training was good because they listened and answered my questions.
- Yolanda C., January 2020

My babysitter couldn't take care of my sick kids, so I had to call at the last minute, which I hate to do. I was afraid when I called but they called back saying they had coverage and said they were hoping my son feels better.
- Winfred C., February 2020

Jennifer is very nice and works very well with us.
- Anonymous, February 2020

They double check your schedule for you and call you back. They have great communication.
- Edith B., February 2020

They really help me by calling me and asking me if I am satisfied with my client.
- Amani N., February 2020

They currently have a new girl named Jennifer, she speaks Spanish and English and she is very nice.
- Anonymous, February 2020

I get a lot of support from all of the people in the office. It's not like I'm all alone. There's always someone there for you.
- Luz V., March 2020

They are excellent. If I have any questions or any problem I can call them and they will be right there. They are always friendly, respectful, and helpful.
- Lee J., April 2020

Any time I need a shift I can call and they are helpful giving them to me or answering my emails.
- Mariah J., April 2020

I like their philosophy and how they pair the clients with the caregivers. They're always willing to work with the needs of the employee.
- Anonymous Caregiver

They are flexible and provide anything I need for my job.
- Becky T., Caregiver

Everything set up via the app on your phone so you can pick up shifts, get information, and have great communication in a timely manner.
- Carol M., October 2019

We talk over the phone. They call me when there is a client, and they tell me everything about the client.
- Anonymous, October 2019

They put texts out for us and let us know if there is a substitute caregiver coming to replace us. We can walk in, and they know our name. They ask how our day was, and they are very kind and courteous.
- Melissa L., October 2019

They are very helpful. I got lost, and they understood that. A lot of people could have gotten mad, but they didn't.
- Yvonne P., October 2019

No matter what, if you haven't picked up a shift in a couple of days, they call to see how you are. They worry about me and make sure I'm doing okay. They communicate well with each client so that we know what they need.
- Hannah T., November 2019

I love this company. They work around my schedule, and sometimes I can say when I want off. They say they'll see what they can do, and they work around it. I even took a month off. It's so great.
- Virginia S., November 2019

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