Visiting Angels Tucson, AZ Reviews

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"They really seem to care about my parents, and they personally get to know them. "

- Karen D.


"The office staff is very good. They are personable and thorough. They quickly do whatever I ask of them and they keep me informed. I am very pleased with them. "

- Vera M.


"They helped with everything. My Case Manager arranged everything for me. She got all the paperwork done. It was outstanding and I will never go to anyone else. "

- Terry C.


"They followed everything we outlined. We didn't have to worry about anything. "

- Dolly E.


"The caregivers from Visiting Angels are compassionate by their attitude and by the fact that they actually listen. I can tell they're in the right business. "

- Ralph F.


"The caregivers provide personal care services, like bathing and dressing. They take me shopping, to my medical and dental appointments, and they prepare my meals. They also take care of household services. "

- Marilyn C.


"I appreciate the office staff at Visiting Angels because they go the extra mile. They will call after I give them a month's worth of assignments and within the week they'll have it covered. "

- Ralph F.


"They are hardworking, and they seem to screen their caregivers better than other companies. "

- Beverly D.


"They were knowledgeable and even taught me how I could do things by myself to keep some of my independence. "

- Dolores V.


"I like the caring attitude that they have and bring to my mother. "

- Wanda E., May 2019


"My care is fantastic. I think the world of Mary. They're very thorough, courteous, efficient, and I really like the whole set up."

- Vera M., May 2019


"They are knowledgeable and helpful. I couldn't be doing well without them."

- Suzanne B., May 2019


"My specific caregiver is a really good person who is very caring and made a good relationship with my mom. She is reliable. "

- Adrienne C., June 2019


"They are very prompt at getting help when I need it. There is a girl that comes regularly that is very good. If she can't come, they get someone else for me, which is very good."

- Voncile K., June 2019


"The case manager and individual caregivers genuinely seem to care for my dad. They have attention to detail and a consideration with how he may feel and react with the suggestions and care. I really appreciate it. "

- William K., July 2019


"They keep in touch with me and keep me informed. For me, being in the other side of the country, it is helpful for them to work with me. "

- Dave R., August 2019


"The caregiver is very productive. If something is out of place, or if there is clutter, she picks it up."

- Anonymous, September 2019


"I am completely satisfied with the quality of the service. All of the people who came out were excellent. "

- Grace M., September 2019


"I like that they are dependable. "

- Maureen C., October 2019


" I really like the management from this office. "

- William K., January 2020


"They are dependable, on time, and very compassionate. "

- Sarah K., February 2020


"The lady is really good. She is on time and very helpful."

- Gladys R., February 2020


"We have been very happy with Devin. My dad has appreciated Devin taking him for walks. "

- Kenneth F., March 2020


"I like that they have been very reliable. They were fantastic. His caregiver, Barb, is amazing. "

- Eugene M., March 2020


"They are really consistent and they give personalized care. They have never missed the day in the year I have used them."

- Beverly D., April 2020


"They answer questions promptly and I have direct contact with them whenever I want. "

- Wanda E., April 2020


"They're very cooperative and thorough. They take a real interest in me when I call."

- Vera M., May 2019


"Our Case manager would call us on a monthly basis. She would see how I was doing."

- Laurence A., May 2019


"When I call, they know exactly who I am talking about when I say my dad's name."

- Gene H., June 2019


"They were able to quickly adjust the hours when needed. "

- Adrienne C., June 2019


"They're usually easy to get a hold of. They have good communication. "

- Mary B., July 2019


"The office is the definition of clear and concise. "

- Bill K., July 2019

Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Living Assistance Services Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Visiting Angels franchised agency.