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In Home Care Services in Tulsa

In Home Care Services in Tulsa

provider of in home care services in Tulsa looking at photo on mobile phone with elderly patient

How to Help Aging Parents Stay at Home

Living at home is a tremendous advantage for seniors. An ongoing home life provides them with levels of privacy, dignity, and comfort that a care facility simply cannot replicate. With our in home care services, Visiting Angels® Tulsa helps local seniors retain their home lives. We offer flexible care to help them stay safe, comfortable, and independent as they age in place. 

To support your family and create the best situation possible for your loved one, we are eager to share our advice for improving their living environment. Here are three ways you can supplement our dedicated support and create a better home life for your loved one. 

3 Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved One Remain at Home

  • Create a Safer Living Space. Household falls can have severe consequences, so your goal should be to reduce fall hazards as much as possible. The bathroom is a common place for falls to occur, so non-slip mats and handrails next to the shower and toilet are a must. Consider adding handrails along the stairs as well, especially if your loved one has mobility issues. For the rest of the house, reduce clutter in any way that you can and make sure every room has great lighting. 
  • Keep Up With Their Medical Needs. It helps to become actively involved in your loved one's medical situation. By attending a doctor's visit with them, you can learn about their specific medical needs, organize medication schedules, anticipate problems, and better understand their limitations. 
  • Utilize Some Type of Emergency Service. A household fall can be even more disastrous when they are home alone. For those situations, it can be very helpful to have a wearable emergency device. These devices are small and noninvasive, and they allow seniors to call for help without getting up or finding a phone. 

Trusted in Home Care Services for Tulsa Area Families

Our dedicated support is a great way to preserve your loved one's home life. We offer in home assistance from loving caregivers who have all been screened by our vetting process. You can expect warm, positive, and respectful care that adapts to their needs and keeps them safe. For family care providers, our support can be a terrific way to ease your stress and take more time away without feeling any guilt. 

We are happy to offer our flexible support for families in:

  • Tulsa
  • Owasso
  • Jenks
  • Broken Arrow
  • Bixby
  • Tulsa County
  • And the surrounding areas

To learn more about our in home care services, contact Visiting Angels Tulsa and arrange your no-cost initial care consultation today. 

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