Taking Care of Mom and Dad- Everything You Need to Know

Weather Matters!

As we move into the Fall, we see a variety of changes in the weather. The cool, crisp air begins to overtake the heat of summer, and the changes in weather can impact seniors in physical, mental and emotional ways.
Cooler weather can have a dramatic impact on the physical joints of people struggling with joint pain and arthritis. Moreover, the colder temps bring with them a higher incidence of the flu and pneumonia, as well as an increased concern over COVID-19. One benefit of colder weather is that the first freeze usually kills off many plant spores that are allergens, including things like ragweed. atening conditions for many seniors. Both walking and driving become more dangerous for the elderly during these adverse health conditions. This may increase their need for assistance from family, friends and/or home care agencies to assist them during these times.

When colder weather hits, many times it brings with it weather conditions that have a potentially negative impact on seniors. Snow, sleet and ice are dangerous, even life thre
Two other issues related to the weather have adverse affects on the mental and emotional state of seniors. Cloudy, overcast days for extended periods of time can have a depressive effect on many seniors. It's important that they have regular contact with other people during dismal weather, to keep the attitudes and emotions on a positive keel. Beyond that, inclement weather may also keep many seniors "home bound" for safety reasons. Again, if this happens over a long time frame, it would be beneficial to have caregivers check in on them on a regular basis.

Finally, remember that colder weather brings the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although these are typically considered "family times" or celebrations, for many seniors these can be discouraging or depressing times. This is especially true if they are a widow or widower, and they have lost a spouse in the last couple of years. Pay special attention to all of widowed or single seniors during these times. 

For families who are long distance caregivers for elderly loved ones, a perfect solution is to enlist the aid of a home care agency, like Visiting Angels! We would love to talk to you about the various ways our staff can assist you or your loved one during this change of seasons!
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