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What Owning a Visiting Angels Franchise Means to Me

Everyone comes to franchise ownership for different reasons. Some franchisees have always dreamed of owning their own business and a Visiting Angels home care franchise provided the opportunity they wanted to peruse. Others came to franchise ownership because of changes in their previous careers or industry. Still others came to Visiting Angels through personal experiences with the need for at home care services. Whatever the reason, we are proud to have so many wonderful, dedicated individuals as part of the Visiting Angels family. We invite you to read about some of the reasons why our franchisees chose a Visiting Angels franchise as their path to personal fulfillment and professional success.

One of the most popular reasons for choosing a franchise, as opposed to striking out on your own, is the advantage of having a nationally known brand behind you. Visiting Angels home care franchise owners don’t have to spend time or money to establish name recognition in their community. For Peg Pickett, of Visiting Angels Orlando, this was a real selling point. Peg explains, “We go out and people say ‘Wow, we’ve heard about you [Visiting Angels]. You guys do a great job,’ and part of that is because of the branding the corporate office does for us. If you’re going out to close a client, if you’re out marketing or networking, you’re getting the important things that you need [from Visiting Angels Corp] to make your business successful.”

Many people new to the franchise environment find the support they receive from the home office to be especially helpful as they are learning the ropes of business ownership. Sheryl Ross, of Visiting Angels Los Angeles, explains how individual support meetings with the home office team help her to solve everyday challenges. “If you have problems with caregivers, you want to know how to grow your business, whatever you need, you get two hours of their time [in the one-on-one meetings]. They [Visiting Angels Corp] have all the answers and it’s a great resource.”

Lydia Roos, owner of Visiting Angels Tucson, also chose Visiting Angels because of the support and experience of the home office team. Lydia explains, “What a wonderful group of people supporting the franchisees...I get many leads a week [from Visiting Angels Corp] and they are converted into clients for us…..these are clients that are truly interested in home care. I just ended my second year [as a Visiting Angels franchise owner] and we have had tremendous growth….the support of the franchise is amazing.”

If you are in the process of choosing a home care franchise, consider the fact that Visiting Angels is known for its commitment to providing superior support to franchise owners. Many entrepreneurs choose Visiting Angels for its comprehensive support system that includes traditional and online marketing strategies; national, regional and one-on-one coaching meetings and conferences; and protected territories and affordable startup costs. With Visiting Angels, you can be confident the home office is committed to helping you achieve your dreams of business ownership and success. “The thing that I like the most…about this franchise [Visiting Angels] is the support that we get from our home office. The thing they [owners of Visiting Angels] tell us all the time is do the care as you should, do the best care you can and the money will come,” explains Patty Andresen of Visiting Angels Newport News.

Choosing a home care franchise to invest your time and money in is a big decision. Choose a home care franchise that has been providing superior care to seniors and the disabled since 1998. Choose a Visiting Angels home care franchise. With more than 450 franchise locations around the country, we can help you find success with a business that brings professional and personal fulfillment.

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Each Visiting Angels agency is a franchise that is independently owned and operated. The Franchisor, Living Assistance Services Inc., does not control or manage the day to day business operations of any Visiting Angels franchised agency.